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90’s TMNT Figures Get Release Dates and Pricing Info

If you’ve been getting excited about the awesome 90’s TMNT figures that were on display at this year’s Toy Fair, we’ve got some great news for you. That’s right, we’re already starting to get a sense for how much these Ninja Turtles figures will cost and when these items will hit the market. In particular, the NECA and S.H. Figuarts TMNT figures are already being listed by websites such as Entertainment Earth and Amazon. Although the information provided by both websites is somewhat different, it is suggestive of what we can come to expect from each product line.

NECA TMNT Movie: Donatello 1/4th Scale Action Figure

NECA TMNT 1990 Donatello figureNECA’s recreation of Donatello from the original Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie will be a bit pricier than we were originally expecting, coming in at a price of $96.99 on Entertainment Earth and $129.99 on Amazon.

Additionally, the release date is listed as July 2016 on EE while Amazon says the TMNT figure will be released in September. It’s difficult to know which of these numbers or release dates is more accurate, but at least we can get a general sense of what to expect.

The figure is probably going to cost between $100-$150 depending on where you find it, and it will probably be released this summer.



S.H. Figuarts Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Figures

Leonardo S.H. Figuarts Classic TMNT FigureUnlike the NECA figure, you’ll find all four turtles represented in this beautiful take on the classic animated series.

Sadly, there doesn’t appear to be any information about these TMNT figures on Amazon, so we’ll have to work with what we’re seeing on Entertainment Earth.

At a price tag of $62.99 each, these Ninja Turtles action figures are definitely falling in line with pricing expectations. The release date currently listed is August 2016, so chances are that we’ll start seeing these highly detailed toys on store shelves sometime later this summer.


Ultimately, this information is not a guarantee of what we will see in reality, but it can at least give us some idea of what to expect and when to expect it. Compared to the price tag and release date we are likely to see from the incredible TMNT statues being produced by Prime 1 Studios, this information is sure to be a welcome surprise for many fans. Chances are that these will be the TMNT figures that most of us intend to pick up later this year. Thankfully, they’re all very affordable and they all look fantastic! What do you think? Share your thoughts with us either in the comments below or via facebook/twitter!

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