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The Aliens of TMNT

When a story’s premise involves mutant reptiles with ninjutsu skills, anything is possible; ancient warlords, time travelers, mad scientists, and even aliens quickly become commonplace.  The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles saw their fair share of trouble from beyond the stars.  Krang was but the first arrival, and it was only a matter of time before other species journeyed to Earth.  Whether friend or foe, the TMNT universe became home to many interesting aliens.  While these are but a few, they show the truly diverse cosmos of this particular universe.

           Neutrinos TMNT

The Neutrinos hail from Dimension X in the 1987 series just like Krang.  Ruled by King Zenter and Queen Gizzla, the Neutrinos abhor violence and war, and oppose everything that Krang and rock soldiers do (although they are not above using weapons in self-defense).  During a teleporter accident in the Technodrome, Neutrinos Dask, Kala, and Zak are transported from Dimension X to Earth.  They quickly befriend the turtles, and relay Krang’s entire backstory.  The three Neutrinos return to Earth several times, always aiding their mutant friends in their never-ending struggle.

While the Neutrinos were friendly to the turtles, most aliens that arrived on Earth were not.  One such foe in the 1987 series was Captain Kroolik, ringmaster of an intergalactic circus.  Aided by his assistant Grillox, Captain Kroolik collected the oddest mutants for his exhibition, and soon set his sights on the turtles.  With the help of Krang and a reverse aging serum, Kroolik was able to turn the heroes into harmless toddlers, easy to capture for his big top.  The plan almost succeeded, too, if not for the quick wits of a young Leonardo and Michelangelo.  The brothers managed to turn Kroolik’s mutants against him, sending the ringmaster out into space at the mercy of those he put behind bars.

malignaAs if mutants weren’t bad enough, the Archie Comics version of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles also introduced alien insects.  The Malignoids were under the command of Maligna, as well as her generals Scul and Bean.  The insects attempted to take over Earth many times, but the turtles and Mighty Mutanimals always kept them at bay.  Maligna and her henchmen were ultimately defeated when their hive ship crashed into the sun, never bothering the Earth again.

Professor Honeycutt was an alien who showed up in a few incarnations, always becoming the robot known as the Fugitoid.  In the 2003 series, the professor created a device that allowed him telekinetic powers, but General Blanque wanted a teleportation device built instead.  During an accident, the professor’s body was destroyed, but his mind was transferred into a robot named Sal.  With General Blanque still hot on his tail, the newly created Fugitoid escaped to Earth, where he met the turtles when they saved him from his pursuers.  Later, Fugitoid aided his friends in defeating Baxter Stockman and saving the Utrom, who offered the robot a home on their planet, which he graciously accepted.

Professor Honeycutt AKA FugitoidAside from Krang, there is one species of alien that has found an incarnation in every TMNT series since the very beginning.  The Triceratons resemble tall, muscular triceratops dinosaurs.  Their species breathes a mixture of nitrogen and sulfur on their home world, requiring that they wear a respirator on any planet with a different atmosphere (including Earth).  In most incarnations, they are chasing after the Fugitoid, requiring Professor Honeycutt’s expertise to create the perfect army of robotic soldiers for their battles as the species spreads out across the galaxy.  The Triceratons were often considered enemies by the turtles when they arrived on Earth, but in several versions they ultimately become neutral to each other, if not helpful once in a while.

Aliens are as widespread in the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle universe as mutants and humans.  They have been an integral part to everything from the very beginning, and new species will always add fun elements to each incarnation.  These five represent but a small sampling of outer space’s inhabitants, and more are sure to make themselves known as time passes.

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Justin Bozung

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