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Second Quarterly TMNT Box Unboxing

by Kyle Tobey

This quarter’s TMNT Box theme is “Hawaiian Style,” just in time to celebrate the rest of Summer!

First up is a Hawaiian Style shirt!

With custom artwork and pattern by Zachary Friedberg, this is sure to be a hit on your next beach trip!

  Next is a an Eekeez collectible tiki figure from Wondercon 2018!

This figure is based on the Mirage comics colorway. It makes a great addition to any TMNT figure collection, or any Tiki bar,

And finally, a very popular item in the TMNT Box, packs of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles trading cards from Topps!

These packs are from 1989, so please, don’t eat the gum.

I really enjoyed this quarter’s TMNT Box. The resin statue is my personal favorite, and I hope the trading cards continue in future editions. But what did you think? Are you going to check out future editions of the TMNT Box? Let us know in the comments below! And you can get your own TMNT Box with plans starting at $29.99!


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