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This quarter’s TMNT Box theme is “Hawaiian Style,” just in time to celebrate the rest of Summer! First up is a Hawaiian Style shirt! With custom artwork and pattern by Zachary Friedberg, this is sure to be a hit on

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THIS YEAR THE TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES ENTER THEIR 35TH ANNIVERSARY. They’ve had some incredible highs, gaining accolade and admiration across multiple generations. They became pop culture icons, rocketing to become a household name. Producing comics, video games, tv shows,

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I was starting to wonder a bit if I was no longer going to get my promotional TMNTBox. I hadn’t received one in a while. I wouldn’t complain. How can I complain about not getting a free thing? But then,

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October’s TMNT Box is perfect for anyone who wants to put in as little effort as possible for their Halloween costume. I am definitely that person. My author picture is my costume from last year. The October TMNT box will

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The August TMNT Box features a backpack with comic versions of the 4 brothers on the front. This black nylon pack has a great design. I love the comic versions of the turtles and it’s always rare to find merchandise

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