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UNBOXED! – TMNT BOX October 2018

by Kyle Tobey

October’s TMNT Box is perfect for anyone who wants to put in as little effort as possible for their Halloween costume.

I am definitely that person. My author picture is my costume from last year. The October TMNT box will help me look like I tried a little, and I’ll have it year round! This month’s big wearable item is a TMNT Costume Style Shirt from TVStoreOnline.com. 
It’s a double sided T-Shirt made to look like the Leonardo’s shell in the 1987 cartoon. It’s comfortable, easy, and instantly recognizable for your Halloween costume! No one will ask “What are you supposed to be?” They’ll know.  Pair that up with your felt bandanda and you’re ready to go Trick or Treating. I got a Leonardo box, but did you get any other turtles? I don’t know if they mixed it up or not.

Younger subscribers also got a TMNT tote bag to help in their Trick or Treating this Halloween. Adult Subscribers got 2 pins for their collection. Splinter, based on the 2003 series, and a Casey Jones Cross Sticks pin.

It’s another great addition to any pinheads collection. I’m always partial to anything with Casey.

What did you think of this month’s TMNT Box? Did this make your Halloween easier? Will you wear the shirt year round? Let us know what you think in the comments below! And if you’re interested in next month’s TMNT Box, you can pick yours up here!

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