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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 90’s Film Soundtrack coming to Vinyl

by Kyle Tobey

The release of NECA’s figures based on the 1990 TMNT film have proven that people are still clamoring for merchandise based on the hit indie classic.

Thanks to Waxwork Records, the classic Jon DuPrez film score will soon be released in full for the first time ever! Consisting of 24 tracks, the double LP has 8 different colorways each based on a different character, including each turtle, Casey, April, and the Foot. the release.

I record also features 3 alternate tracks. These are the versions that played on the original version of the soundtrack, but different versions played on the film. Pressed on 180 gram vinyl and featuring new, original artwork by Kevin Eastman, this is a must have for most turtle collectors.

Suggested retail is $40. Make sure to check out Waxworks Records social media to see an exact time, but it looks like it’s being released THIS FRIDAY! Check out the a couple color variants below, as well as a few sample songs, and track listing!

Side A

  1. Crimewave
  2. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
  3. Crime Fighters
  4. Possess The Right Thinking
  5. Subway Attack
  6. Splinter’s Tale I

Side B

  1. Hidden Treasures
  2. Shredder’s Big Entrance
  3. Raphael In Trouble
  4. Huge Fight
  5. Tatsu Attack
  6. Trouble
  7. Their Greatest Fear

Side C

  1. Message From Splinter
  2. Time To Go Back
  3. Splinter’s Tale
  4. Battles With The Foot
  5. Sewer Surfin’
  6. Street Fight

Side D

  1. Shredder’s Last Stand
  2. The Fall Of Shredder
  3. TMNT (Alt Mix)
  4. Splinter’s Tale I (Alt Mix)
  5. Splinter’s Tale II (Alt Mix)


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