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SDCC 2018 Recap – IDW / Kevin Eastman “TMNT For All” Full Panel

by Kyle Tobey

Here is the full Kevin Eastman / IDW panel titled “TMNT For All” that took place at this years’ San Diego Comic Con.

Our friends at GeekRockTV were there to catch all the news and anouncements. There’s tons of great info here with writers and artists from different TMNT series and, of course, the man himself, Kevin Eastman.

They cover everything coming up for the Ninja Turtles series. From the Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and their own ongoing series, to more adult titles like Bodycount, the Macro-Series, and the newly announced Shredder in Hell, they cover everything IDW has announced for the franchise. They even briefly get in to their dream collaboration for the turtles, so be sure to check that out!

What series are you looking forward to the most? They are well on their way to issue #100 in the main series, and I’m excited to see what “Shredder in Hell” will be! Let us know what you’ll be checking out in the comments below!

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