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Vote for your favorite Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles toy!

by Kyle Tobey

It was always hard to pick just 1 Ninja Turtles toy.

How could I? They were all weird and cool. My parents were great and I didn’t have to settle on one toy, thankfully! But what was your favorite? Which toy was the best and made all your friends jealous? I wish I had the Technodrome still! But we want to know what YOUR favorite toy was! This is only including the first two waves from 1988 and 1989.

The toys and show was a smash hit, but it almost never happened! Playmates would only consider making the toys if a television deal were acquired. A 5 episode mini-series was ordered. It aired in December 1987 and had to air 3 times before people caught on!

Before this, Playmates sold mostly dolls and plastic playsets. But they were looking to get in to the Action Figure market, so it was a perfect fit. In the first 4 years of being sold, the Ninja Turtles line made $1.1 billion dollars!

Of all those toys sold, we want to know which was your favorite! It’s a single elimination bracket, so you don’t have to choose out of all of them.

Check out the first round!

If you can’t remember what they look like,

or even if you’ve never seen them before but still want to vote, check out what they looked like below!

Leonardo  Raphael  Donatello  Michelangelo  April O’Neil  Shredder  Foot Soldier  Bebop  Rocksteady  Splinter

Ace Duck  Genghis Frog  Casey Jones  Metalhead  Usagi Yojimbo  General Tragg  Rat King  Leatherhead Baxter Stockman  Krang

Vote for your favorite in each group in the survey below. We’ll narrow it down over the next few weeks.

There are some big matchups ahead! Can Leatherhead take out both Donatello and Shredder in the first round? Casey jones versus Bebop?! It’s already hard to pick for your favorite. Maybe April and Leonardo will split the vote so General Tragg can pull off an upset victory.

I have my favorite that I hope wins (Metalhead!) but don’t let that sway you!


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You have until Saturday, April 14 at 11:59 to vote.


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