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An Adorable TMNT Box Review – October 2017

by Justin W
Better late than never! The October TMNT Box was definitely worth the wait.

Yes, this article is about two weeks late. Unfortunately, our TMNT Box arrived a bit later than anticipated, and I didn’t have the opportunity to provide this review until now. That being said, October’s box was so interesting that I simply had to write this review. The items included might not be everyone’s slice of pizza, but they’re definitely worth the price of a subscription.

This Donatello Kawaii Cube is very cute! Image Source: Justin W.

This Donatello Kawaii Cube is very cute!

Kawaii Cube Donatello

It’s been a while since we’ve seen anything soft and fluffy in the TMNT Box. Although it’s a bit small, this cute little Donatello plush is too cute for words. The cube-shaped toy includes two felt feet and arms, as well as a small felt bandanna on the side.

Developed by Wish Factory, these miniature collectibles typically sell for between $5-$10 each. In addition to Donny, you can also get Raphael, Leonardo, Michelangelo, Bebop and Rocksteady.


Kid Robot Michelangelo Keychain

This new Mikey key chain (pictured in the middle) will join my Funko Michelangelo key chain! Image Source: Justin W.

This new Mikey key chain (pictured in the middle) will join my Funko Michelangelo key chain!


Kid Robot is one of the premiere names in vinyl figures, and they have been producing TMNT collectibles for several years now. As you can probably tell, this particular item came in a blind box, which means that you never know what you’re going to get.

There are 14 possible characters included in these boxes, and I somehow managed to snag another Michelangelo key chain! Considering that Mikey is my favorite turtle, I couldn’t be happier to add this to my collection of TMNT key chains.

These blind boxes are typically sold for between $5-$10 each.


April/Karai Collectible Coin

This series of collectible coins continues unabated with Karai and April taking center stage in October’s TMNT Box. Considering that these coins are being crafted in small numbers, it’s worth noting that they will actually be somewhat rare. It’s also nice to see the women of this franchise getting some attention for once! Similar collectibles are typically sold for between $5-$10 on average.

TMNT Weapon Pin pictured on the left. April/Karai coin pictured on the right. Image Source: Justin W.

TMNT Weapon Pin pictured on the left. April/Karai coin pictured on the right.

TMNT Weapon Pin

Although it’s certainly not the most amazing idea we’ve ever seen, this collectible pin might be a conversation starter. After all, until you get a good look at the pin, it’s very difficult to see that these shapes are actually the weapons used by our heroes in a half shell. Upon closer inspection, fellow shellheads may appreciate the subtle nod to Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. With that said, I question the wisdom of setting these weapons against a pure white background. Collectible pins such as this typically sell for between $5-$10.

Paper Craft Donatello

We were wondering when they would send out more of these TMNT paper craft projects, and it’s definitely nice to see them continue with Donatello. If you take the time to make this cut-out figurine, you should snap a picture and share it on social media with the hashtag #TMNTBOX to be entered for a chance to win the TMNT Mega Crate! Ultimately, this is just a nice little addition to the other items included in the TMNT Box.

Final Thoughts

It’s impossible to deny the value of this TMNT Box. Even at the lowest possible estimates, this subscription box included $20 worth of TMNT collectibles at a price of only $9.99 per month. As always, this box is probably filled with items that some shellheads just don’t want. Having said that, it’s clear that they are doing their best to include a variety of different trinkets to ensure that fans of all ages will get something they enjoy. I don’t know about you, but I appreciate the effort!

What did you think of October’s TMNT Box? Were these collectibles awesome or just okay? Share your thoughts either in the comments below or on facebook/twitter.

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