As the release date for this movie gets closer, the ad campaign from Paramount reveals even more details about the film. Speaking as someone who remembers how sparse the advertisements were for the first film, this is definitely welcome news. With this latest Out of the Shadows clip, the studio has officially revealed a scene which was previously only shown during the Kid’s Choice Awards. If you missed the clip shown during that event, this is definitely going to be new material. However, if you did watch this a few months ago, the only thing that has changed is that we are now hearing the score for the film in the background.

To be honest, this has been one of my favorite clips from the film thus far. Raphael has always been a brash character who was quick to jump into action, so it’s nice to see that nothing has changed in this Out of the Shadows clip. Clearly he’s a little afraid of heights when he’s being asked to jump out of a plane, but he has no trouble jumping out of the back of a moving vehicle. There’s something about this scene that genuinely feels like an event I actually tried to pull off with my TMNT toys when I was younger, and that is definitely a fun memory.

In this Out of the Shadows clip, Raphael takes matters into his own hands and clotheslines a few baddies in style. This is exactly the kind of shellraising action that I was hoping to see in the sequel, and I’m glad to see that it will apparently be making an appearance early on in the film. According to what we know about the movie thus far from various sources, this is supposedly one of the opening sequences in Out of the Shadows.

If the filmmakers and actors are to be believed, the movie starts out with this awesome action packed moment, moves on to a plane crash in the middle, and eventually features a battle against Krang in the Technodrome. I don’t know how any self respecting fan could have a problem with that, but apparently there are still a lot of fans who refuse to see this movie. Thankfully, it would not appear that they are a part of the majority.

What do you think? Will you be seeing Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows in theaters? Has this Out of the Shadows clip convinced you to give the movie a shot? Let us know your thoughts in the comments or via facebook/twitter.


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  1. I love it!! Thanks for posting the clip! I missed the Kids Choice Awards.

  2. “There’s something about this scene that genuinely feels like an event I actually tried to pull off with my TMNT toys when I was younger, and that is definitely a fun memory.” YES! ME TOO JUSTIN!!!

  3. Man, I don’t know why people still don’t want to see it! In my opinion this will be the definitive TMNT movie. It’s everything I’ve been wanting! And it’s being done just right in my opinion.

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