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HeroCross Releasing New 90’s TMNT Figures

by Justin W
Promotional image of the new 90's TMNT figures from HeroCross. Source: HeroCross.

There have been a lot of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles toys hitting the market. Many of these figures have been focused on paying homage to the original cartoon and the first few TMNT movies. This shouldn’t be too surprising, considering that the turtles have celebrated quite a few notable anniversaries over the past few years, and nostalgia for the franchise is at an all time high. Perhaps that is why HeroCross has joined the crowd and announced that they are planning their own series of 90’s TMNT figures based on the design of the original animated series.

Unlike some of the other TMNT action figures and statues being developed right now, these HeroCross Ninja Turtles figures are actually quite special. Featuring a design described as a “Hybrid Metal Figuration,” it’s clear that these aren’t just going to be made of plastic like many of the competitor brands. Instead, these 90’s TMNT figures will be part metal and part plastic, making them much more sturdy and difficult to break. Featuring more than one head and several pairs of hands for each figure, it’s safe to say that these are intended as display pieces for fans to put on their shelves or desks.

Promotional image of the 90's TMNT Donatello figure from HeroCross. Source: HeroCross.

Promotional image of the 90’s TMNT Donatello figure from HeroCross. Source: HeroCross.

Each Ninja Turtles figure has an excellent paint job that looks a lot like the character designs from the mid-90’s era of the original cartoon. There are similar TMNT figures hitting the market soon, but these are fairly different. The bodies appear to be a bit smaller than the heads, making for a rather unique and interesting take on the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. At a size of 6 inches, these figures likely won’t take up too much space. If you’re looking for a 90’s TMNT figure you can show off either at work or at home, this appears to be an excellent option.

Sadly, we don’t even know when these 90’s TMNT figures are going to be released. What we do know is how similar figures from HeroCross have been priced, which suggests that we can expect a price of around $90-$100 for each figure. This is going to be a little pricey for some fans, but considering the build quality and the features of these figures, it’s a decent price. Donatello will be the first Ninja Turtle released from this toy line, so fans of Donnie should be on the lookout for more information about this figure in the coming months.

Full Promotional image of the 90's TMNT HeroCross figures. Source: HeroCross.

Full Promotional image of the 90’s TMNT HeroCross figures. Source: HeroCross.

What do you think? Will you be picking up these 90’s TMNT figures for yourself? Let us know what you think of this product in the comments or via facebook/twitter!

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