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Indianapolis To Get Secrets Of The Sewer Museum Exhibit

by Justin Bozung

If you’re a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles fan that lives near the Indianapolis, Indiana area you’re in store for a treat starting this month…

Running from September 25th, 2015 thru April 2016, The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis will host Nickelodeon’s Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Secrets of the Sewer exhibit.

Secrets of the Sewer is the first Turtles museum exhibit in the thirty years since their creation by Kevin Eastman and Peter Laird and this one-of-a-kind exhibit will afford Turtles fans and their kids the opportunity to learn about teamwork, collaboration, and problem-solving with the aid of Turtles puzzles, mazes, and obstacles.

The Secrets of the Sewer exhibit will include seven life-size rooms created from various settings from the Nickelodeon animated Turtles series.   In the first room, The Dojo, Splinter and Raphael will introduce visitors to the importance of working hard, practicing your art, and knowing your enemy.   The Dojo in the Secrets of the Sewer Exhibit will feature the Dojo itself, as well as a place where visitors to the Children’s Museum can train in physical skills like: balance, speed, and reflex.   In Splinter’s area of the Dojo, visitors will be able to test their knowledge and learn how to apply it.

In the second room in the Secrets of the Sewer exhibit, The Common Room, visitors to the Museum will be able to just hang out, play games, and watch television.   In addition, The Common Room will feature a periscope that will allow for you to check out the New York streets above the sewer.   The Common Room will feature Leonardo, and he’ll be available to help visitors focus on their planning and abilities to be a team leader.   Photo opportunities with Leo will be available.

In the third room of the Secrets of the Sewer exhibit, visitors will be able to check out Donatello’s lab.    Visitors will participate in problem solving as well as learning from mistakes.   In Donny’s lab, visitors will find a desk that will feature a series of circuit board puzzles that unveil hidden toy dioramas when solved.   Family visitors will be able to experience the different ways that one can get Mutagen into storage jars, and a rotating tile panel in Donatello’s lab will make a game of itself by allowing visitors to match up sewer pipes in the lab to connect to different areas.

Turtles fans who visit the Secrets of the Sewer exhibit will also be able to hit the streets of NYC where villains are stalking every corner.   Visitors will be guided through the exhibit by Casey Jones and April O’Neill and will have the opportunity to crack codes, work their way through a alley rope maze, beat up bad guys with pizzas, and participate in a video game challenge.

Life-size Turtles figures will welcome visitors who enter the exhibit and choose to spend a fun day in the sewers of New York City with their favorite heroes in a half-shell.

For more information about the exhibit please visit here.

Here are the design drawings for the Secrets of the Sewer exhibit:






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NUMBER ONE TMNT FAN September 11, 2015 - 8:00 pm

I live in Ft. Wayne Indiana and am only 2 hours away from the museum. I AM SOOOO EXCITED ABOUT THIS EXHIBIT AND I WILL DEFINITELY BE GOING!!!! this looks like like a very well designed exhibit and I will definitely have a lot of fun here

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