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New Friend, Old Enemy Review

by Zach Gasior

Last week’s episode was about the arrival of Shredder to New York to find Splinter. He did not fight, but he will more than likely play a major role later on.

The main focus on the episode was Michelangelo. It was a character development episode that featured the arrival of the Foot Clan.

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The writers have been modernizing the Turtles very well in the new series and they used their best writing last week. Michelangelo used a social media website similar to Facebook. Teenagers want to have friends and the Turtles told Michelangelo humans do not like mutants.

Earlier in the episode Michelangelo found out first hand, when he tried to return a lost cat to its owner. The Human freaked out and it was a very humorous scene. Michelangelo decided to join a website to  try and make a new friend, his idol Chris Bradford. Bradford is a famous martial artist who looks like Chuck Norris. Michelangelo is his biggest fan and he decided to meet his friend after he accepted his friend request.

As it turns out, Bradford was Shredder’s pupil. The episode becomes predictable and Bradford becomes Michelangelo’s friend only to  find where Splinter is.

While Bradford was hanging with Michelangelo, Leonardo had his own issues to work out. He was out numbered in his fight with the Foot and told Splinter that the fight was not fair. A lesson was learned as Splinter took down Leonardo in one move, seek victory,  not fairness.

Bradford’s annoyance with Michelangelo was becoming more apparent, and for good reason. Michelangelo had always appeared to be a goofball in past TMNT series, but he seems dumber in the new show. Bradford leads Michelangelo into a trap and lets the Turtles rescue him.

All seemed too easy and the Turtles knew it, but the writers did not let the audience know it. It almost looked as if the Foot were going to find out where the Turtles were hiding. Bradford led a team of Foot soldiers and a street punk recruit into the sewers to find the Turtles.

The Turtles took out the Foot one by one until only Bradford and the street punk were left. He did not take kindly once he learned that his fellow teammates were defeated and fought the Turtles head on. An epic fight broke out. The Turtles cornered Bradford and his friend, and as a treat, Michelangelo delivered the final blow using the move Bradford thought him.

Splinter revealed that a major fight will be on the way as Shredder will not stop until he catches Splinter.

The episode did have April in it for a brief appearance and the fights were entertaining. It would have been nice to see Michelangelo develop into less of an idiot, but he is the comic relief. His martial arts skills are good, he can fight. Overall an 7.9/10

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AKADave October 21, 2012 - 12:39 am

I liked how Mikeys secret kata had Kamen Rider poses in it.

Kilo December 10, 2014 - 12:30 am

The gay undertones made me sick. First and last episode I’ll watch. Bad reboot.

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