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Comic Review: Shredder in Hell #3

by Chris M. P.

Shredder in Hell #3

Art and Story by Mateus Santolouco

Released May 15th, 2019

The Shredder’s long road through the depths of hell reaches a fever pitch as he is forced to face echoes of his own soul! With lives on the line, who will survive the raging inferno?

After a hellish roller coaster that was Shredder in Hell #2, issue 3 slows things down (only a little though) to delve into the depths of Oroku Saki’s tormented soul. We’re more than halfway through this miniseries (issue 3 of 5) therefore we’re given some interesting and emotional progression within the Shredder’s wickedly insightful journey. If you’ve read my previous reviews, it should be clear that Santolouco is knocking this series out of the park in every conceivable way.

From an artistic standpoint, Santolouco continues being one of the best artists to work on a TMNT series as well as one of the finest artists in the current comic medium. With great perspective, colors, and linework in every single panel Shredder in Hell visually keeps you glued to what is happening with it’s swift yet graceful pace. Which is why the writing still needs to be praised.

We’re given some great story progression in the form of The Dragon, lost love, and a giant angry spaghetti monster. The Shredder has never been as relatable as he is here (for me anyway). You may disagree if you wear can openers everyday while whining at the rhinos at your local zoo, but throughout this series you’re truly rooting for this man even though you’re aware of all the distasteful evil he’s done.  

Which I guess is the point of this entire series: Retribution. And I truly look forward to what Shredder in Hell brings in its final two issues. If you’ve read the previous issues, there’s no doubt you’ll be reading this one. And if you’re not…and I mean this in the best way possible…let’s go to hell together.

Shredder in Hell Issue 3 is available wherever comics are sold!


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