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Comic Review: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles IDW 20/20

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: IDW 20/20

Story by Paul Allor

Art by Nelson Daniel

Released January 16th, 2019

IDW 20/20 kicks off their year-long 20th anniversary celebration! An all-new weekly event giving a glimpse of your favorite characters 20 years into the future—or past! Meet the Turtles of tomorrow in this adventure set 20 years in the future! The Utrom Civil War rages across Earth. When news of a backup Technodrome threatens hundreds of millions of innocent lives, it’s up to the Turtles to do what they do best—save the world.

Personally I love some good use of creative freedom. And IDW’s newest TMNT one-shot adventure is just that. So with the Utroms in control of earth what has become of our Middle-Aged Mutant Ninja Turtles? Donatello an Ambassador for Mutantkind? Raphael a two dimensional trained tactician? Leonardo a powerful mystic? Freakin’ Michelangelo the leader?!

Have you bought this issue yet?!

To be completely honest, I was skeptical going into this. While the artwork of Nelson Daniel is solid, it’s nothing special in this instance. There’s very nice line work and use of shadow. The colors are flat in most cases and the Turtles themselves have an almost “pug-like” like look to them. Understand that we live in an era of absolutely breathtaking comic art. And it can’t all be jaw-dropping but for a one shot comic celebrating 20 years of its publisher I expected the artwork to be a little more impactful. But the beauty of the comic book is it being the medium of elevation. If the art is lacking, the story could still bring everything together. And, in this case, that’s exactly what Paul Allor’s writing did.

I can’t imagine the creative gears that spin when someone says, “Write a quick story about The Turtles twenty years in the future…” . I’m sure it’s a mixture of extreme elation and anxiety. But Allor gives us a very focused yet broad story. Establishing the state of the world, the state of The Turtles, as well as the current adventure all to be wrapped up in 36 pages takes skill. And what’s wonderful about this one shot is you can head right into it whether you know next-to-nothing about IDW’s TMNT or you’re an avid reader. It’s a comic where every line and panel has to count.

TMNT: IDW 20/20 is a real page turner of a comic. It’s a interesting and fun “elseworld” look into what becomes of our favorite Heroes in a Halfshell. Whether we were getting glimpses of Leo going full Jedi, discovering the dominating plan of the Utrom, or seeing Mikey in the leadership role, I was thoroughly entertained cover to cover. The worst part about this comic is that it’s simply over before you know it. The serviceable artwork is elevated by tight creative writing in what is a one shot that any TMNT fan should sit back and read. Paul Allor and Nelson Daniel put together a great entry in the “what if?” of comics in which Turtle Teens became Turtle Men.  

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: IDW 20/20 is available wherever comic books are sold!

Editor's Rating

Turtle Teens become Turtle Men in a fun and creative entry into the "elseworlds" of comics.

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Chris M. P.

Chris M. P.

Chris M. P. has a severe debilitating obsession with old Ninja Turtle action figures and comic books. He’s also a Chicago based Production Artist and Comic Editor. He’s thrilled to be apart of the greatest TMNT resource and he never pays full price for late pizza. Checkout his nonsense at

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