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We open with the turtles in a familiar situation, getting their butts kicked by new mutants.

This round features a couple of old-timey strongmen mutated in to crabs. The turtles still haven’t figured out their weapons, and their frustration shows. They luck out (again) when the enemies get sucked in to a portal. They aren’t alone.

The turtles finally come to terms with the fact that they need training. They turn to Master Splinter. He surprisingly agrees, but not how the turtles hope. Splinter offers to train by watching old ninja movies featuring actor Lou Jitsu. The turtles lose faith in Splinter and go to their rooms after Splinter grounds them and takes their weapons.

Draxum summoned all the mutants to his lair. This gives us a look at every villain so far in the series. Even the most terrifying villain of all, Todd. (eep.)

The villains lure the turtles to New Jersey. Of course what they watched in the old Lou Jitsu movies comes to play and they fight in a ladder factory, just like the movie. Draxum is astonished they know about Lou Jitsu. This is where he reveals the big news, LOU JITSU IS THEIR BIOLOGICAL FATHER.

While this is a big reveal, it’s not the biggest. It’s not outright stated, but it looks like Master Splinter is mutated from Lou Jitsu. If that turns out to be true, for the first time in Ninja Turtles history, Master Splinter is the biological father of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

This was a fantastic longer episode. It started on familiar ground, but addressed it quickly. We got to see every villain we’ve met so far, as well as showcasing that the turtles are learning. They don’t need the weapons and they are willing to train. I thought it was a great catalyst to the season so far.

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Editor's Rating

A great summary of the series so far. Still gives us tons more to explore.

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