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What we learned from the “Rise of the TMNT” Trailer and Sneak Peek from SDCC

by Kyle Tobey

Nickelodeon gave us a trailer and sneak peak at the new series, “Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.”

If you weren’t at Comic Con, you can still check it out here!

There was a lot to unpack, so here are some of the biggest takeaways from the SDCC preview!

Their eyes white out when they get serious

I thought this was a nice touch. It seems like an intentional ode to their comic book origins.


The villains seem bigger and meaner

There seems to be a more mystical side to this series. The enemies appear to be evolved mutants. The days of the bumbling bad guys appear to be over.

Seriously, this thing is made of nightmares.

Could this be a mutated mouser?



The turtles have their original weapons at some point

Check this out, the turtles are shown with their usual weapons. But after taking some heavy damage from their enemies, Raph suggests…

“Hey! How about the glow-y ones?!”

Donatello does machines

We got a really good look at the different shells Donatello uses throughout the show. Giant laser guns and helicopter shells are awesome displays so far.

Meatsweats power

The turtles aren’t the only ones with mystic powers. Here, we get a good look at Meatsweats power. It looks like he just regenerates in to smaller Meatsweats!


Are these guys mousers? I mean they look like mousers with extra arms. right?

Screen grabs from the end montage

We get a great look at Raph with his original sai

Some of the crazy worlds we’ll encounter. Like Skee-Ball world!

More of the eyes whited out

More Donnie, who could be much more of a comic relief in this series than others.

Great Action!

More of the turtles with their original weapons.


I thought it was a fantastic trailer that gave us tons of new insight on the direction of the new series. It looks like it’ll be fast and deal much more with the supernatural side.

This is also where Nickelodeon told us the premiere will be Monday, September 17!

Next up was the sneak peek. This is where we get our first glimpse of a full, uncut scene! We learn a ton about the animation style, character design for the non man characters, and the environment.


The turtles appear to keep watch over a dimly lit city.

We get a look at their special ops missions.

I don’t know what Molina Tower is…yet.

This is a great shot, only for their decisions on the color palette. I love that Leonardo’s markings still show, even in the shadows.

He is where we get our first look at the turtles mindset, as well as a noticeable amount of lens flare.

Certain movements and animation choices remind me of early Cartoon Network and Nicktoons. The motion is almost reminiscent of Hanna Barbara cartoons.

Johnny Bravo and Powerpuff Girls seem like huge influences for the new series.

I’ve never seen one of these signs in my life.

This is an important scene to show, because it tells us where the turtles are in their life.

It seems like they aren’t so much concerned with small time crooks anymore. They pass right over a clear bad guy (seriously, look at the goatee) to have their own pool party. Right now Raph is leader, but when things get more serious, can he handle the pressure? The turtles and April seem unconcerned with the mob and more concerned with supernatural Baron’s voiced by part-time professional wrestlers.

These are some of the things I found, but what did you notice!

Are you excited for the new series? If you weren’t before, did this change your mind at all? Let us know in the comments! Happy Comic con weekend!

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