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Vote for your Favorite TMNT Toy, Round 2!

by Kyle Tobey

We asked you to vote for your favorite Ninja Turtles toy from 1988 & 1989.

You voted and the numbers don’t lie! Some of the battles were really close! Others… a complete blowout. Not even close. I put poor April up again Leo and, yikes. Let’s check out the results below.

Leonardo vs General Tragg vs April O’Neil

Leonardo DESTROYED the other 2. I really thought this would have been closer. Especially April. I thought for sure we would see a really close battle, but yikes. Leonardo had 81% of the vote! General Tragg was in 2nd with 16%, and poor April in third with only 3%. We still love you, April.

Casey Jones vs Bebop

This was a close one! Two fan favorites squared off and good won out over evil. The vigilante took out Shredder’s henchmen. He’s one of 3 humans in the competition and the only one to advance to the next round! Casey Jones takes the first round with 60% of the vote beating out Bebop, who had 40%.

Raphael vs Genghis Frog vs Foot Soldier

Before you start, I did NOT count the Foot as humans. They are robots. In the toys at least. Anyway, they lost. The Foot soldier toy took home 2nd place with 18% of the vote. They beat out Genghis Frog, who had 7%. Still more than April. But in first place, is Raphael with 75% of the vote! So far, anyone against the turtles doesn’t stand a chance.

Krang vs Rocksteady

Two bad guys faced off here, but Krang just couldn’t topple the mutated Rhino. Maybe if Krang had the android body instead of the robot legs he could have stood a chance. But Rocksteady advances with 68% to Krang’s 32%. Since Bebop getting knocked out, we’ll have to leave it to fanfic online to see who would win between Bebop and Rocksteady.

Donatello vs Leatherhead vs Shredder

This was the closest 3 way battle in the bracket so far. I was really pulling for Leatherhead in and upset victory. I was surprised that he beat out the Shredder, who only pulled in 20% of the vote. Leatherhead came in 2nd with 27%. Donatello, another turtle, advances to the next round with 53%. I have high hopes for Mikey.

Metalhead vs Splinter

I was really pulling for Metalhead! I thought it would be a real underdog victory. And he’s shiny so he’s still a turtle so maybe? AND I WAS RIGHT! Metalhead pulls off the victory over Master Splinter with 65% of the vote!

Michelangelo vs Rat King vs Ace Duck

I thought Ace Duck would have done better than Rat King. I loved mine, but Rat King came in 2nd with 20%. Ace Duck trails behind with only 14%, while Michelangelo wins with 66%. All 4 turtles advance to the next round.

Usagi Yojimbo vs Baxter Stockman

This was the closest match on the ballot! I had no idea who would win this one, but Usagi Yojimbo barely squeaked by with 53% of the vote! It was back and forth over the week but Baxter Stockman is knocked out in the first round.

Check out the updated bracket below!


Here are all the toys that were considered in the first round. Remember those knocked out, and check out what the winners look like below!

Leonardo  Raphael  Donatello  Michelangelo  April O’Neil  Shredder  Foot Soldier  Bebop  Rocksteady  Splinter

Ace Duck  Genghis Frog  Casey Jones  Metalhead  Usagi Yojimbo  General Tragg  Rat King  Leatherhead Baxter Stockman  Krang

Vote for your favorite in each group in the survey below. We’ll narrow it down over the next few weeks.

Round 1 had a few surprises! Usagi Yojimbo put up a hard fight last round, but can he beat out 1, or any, of the turtles? Will it come down to the 4 brothers in the end? Maybe Casey Jones will win! But, if he doesn’t the next round will have Raphael vs Leonardo. It’s been brewing for 30 years, but we could have an answer to who is the favorite brother! or…

Can Metalhead pull it off and take out everyone to win it all?!

Vote below and let us know who should advance to the next round?


You have until Saturday, April 21 at 11:59 to vote.

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