Quality Over Quantity – August 2017 TMNT Box Review

Like most subscription boxes, some months are invariably better than others. The test of a good subscription box is their ability to surprise and impress subscribers. While I wouldn’t say that any company on the market has done a perfect job of providing this experience, it’s worth noting that some of them at least try to improve their service as the months pass. Although I wasn’t exactly amazed by the TMNT Box in July, they definitely bounced back in August with an interesting pairing of items.

An incredible TMNT Journal from Insights Journals. Image Source: Justin W.
An incredible TMNT Journal from Insights Journals.

Retro TMNT Journal

In a digital world, physical journals might seem like an oddity. That being said, I think this is one journal that most shellheads will appreciate. With embossed artwork from the original Eastman & Laird comics on the front and back, it’s fair to say that this is a very high quality item. Some of the inner pages include even more artwork from the Mirage comics, providing an excellent home for the thoughts and feelings of TMNT fans. At the back of the book, you’ll also find a pocket for hiding your most treasured secrets!

Collectible TMNT Coin

If you’ve been following the TMNT Box during the past few months, you may remember that they sent out a very nice collectible coin a few months back. The first coin included Leonardo on one side and Shredder on the other. This time around, they’ve chosen Michelangelo and Bebop, with memorable quotes from both characters printed along the edge. Although it may just be a coin, it’s worth noting that items like these are actually quite collectible. Some collectors will spend up to $10 for coins of this quality, and the mere fact that it is only available through this subscription box makes it quite rare and potentially valuable.

Final Thoughts

I’m sure some of our readers will be disappointed that there were only two items included this month, but it’s important to note that they were both very high quality. The journal, which you can find on Amazon for roughly $10-$15, has a beautiful embossed cover and incredible artwork from the original Mirage comics. The coin is the second in a series that TMNT Box intends to continue producing, and similar collectibles have sold for between $5-$10 on average.

If we’re being fair, this puts the value of the box at about $20. That may not be the best value we’ve seen from the TMNT Box, but the old idiom of “quality over quantity” may play an important role here. Say what you will, but this is definitely a step up from July’s box. Here’s hoping they continue to give subscribers even better value and more quality items in the months to come.

This is just one splash page included in the TMNT Journal. Image Source: Justin W.
This is just one splash page included in the TMNT Journal.

What did you think? Were you impressed with the August TMNT Box? Did you want something more or something different? Share your thoughts either in the comments below or on Facebook/Twitter.

Editor's Rating

Although there were only two items included this month, they were both high quality items and definitely worth the price of a subscription.

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