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Kickstarter Alert! TMNT Action Figure Encyclopedia

As great a resource as the internet is, sometimes there’s nothing more satisfying that sitting on the couch with a nice, thick book to flip through. If you happen to enjoy such a thing and are a fan of the TMNT – specifically their long and extensive catalog of action figures and toys – then this latest crowdfunding project should be right up your alley.

From Orlando, Florida’s Jay Lawrence, who previously brought the world the Encyclopedia of Air Jordans comes a project that was three years in the making: The TMNT Action Figure Encyclopedia. From the project’s page:

The book covers practically ever TMNT action figure series from 1988 to 2017. The book will also cover vehicles, weapons, statues, accessories, and packaging. The book will have action figures both inside and outside of the packaging.

I have been a fan of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle action figures, series, and franchise since my mother sat me in front of an episode as a kid. This is not just any ordinary book. In fact, if successful, it will be the most extensive action figure book ever. The final print will have over 5000 figures, weapons, vehicles, figure packages, and accessories. I also want to submit the final massive book for a possible Guinness book world record. So this will not only be the first and only TMNT action figure book but the largest and most extensive action figure book ever.

Sounds pretty sweet! For more information on this project, check out its Kickstarter page.

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Dan Gehen

Dan Gehen

Dan Gehen is a lot of things, but one thing he's been for his entire life is a TMNT fan (this has been verified by watching embarrassing home videos of his formative years). Though the classic 1980s cartoon caused his 3-year-old version to drive his parents insane via the constant repetition of "cowabunga dude", his true appreciation for the heroes in a half-shell came from the 1990 feature film as well as the comics by Mirage Studios. Today, he continues to enjoy comics from a variety of publishers, including the current TMNT series from IDW Publishing.

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