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NECA Reveals New TMNT Figures Based on the Original Animated Series

Over the past few days, NECA has been teasing a brand new set of TMNT figures on their Twitter page. Although we haven’t gotten a fantastic look at the new toys, what we have seen looks pretty awesome. Fans of the original animated series will be happy to hear that they have decided to produce some action figures based on the old cartoon.

The first image of these collectibles came in the form of a somewhat blurry and dark profile picture. That being said, you can clearly see some of the more important details of each turtle, and they all look pretty darn good.

Additional teaser images revealed one of the accessories that are already planned for this set – an entire pizza complete with action slice! Okay, so it’s not actually an “action slice,” but it looks like at least one of the turtles will be able to pick up a piece of pizza.

As if that weren’t enough, two more teasers featured a mold that looked suspiciously like Shredder and a picture of Shredder’s hand punching through the earlier image of the turtles. It looks like they have plans to give these heroes in a half shell at least one enemy to battle.

The final teaser featured a full look at the turtles from behind. At the very least, this allows us to see the amount of detail that went into creating the shells on their backs. Sure enough, these are some of the finest looking turtle shells we have ever seen on a collectible TMNT action figure.

As you may have noticed, the turtles are clearly attempting to give a slice of pizza to their much bigger brothers. For those who weren’t aware, these are representations of the insanely popular figures NECA made based on the original Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie.

They may be a bit smaller than some of the other products NECA has released, but these heroes in a half shell look pretty darn good! Image Source: NECA, ToyArk.
They may be a bit smaller than some of the other products NECA has released, but these heroes in a half shell look pretty darn good! Image Source: NECA, ToyArk.

When it comes to the turtles, it seems like NECA can do no wrong. Every time they make a new set of TMNT action figures, they are some of the finest collectibles we have ever seen. Fans really seem to love the work this company does, and something tells me they’re going to have a lot of fun with this latest set of toys as well.

Chances are that these will be SDCC 2017 exclusives, but they may offer them on their website for a short time. Keep your eyes peeled for more information about these new TMNT figures in the coming months!

Are you already sold on these new TMNT figures from NECA? Do you want to see more before making a decision to buy them? Share your thoughts either in the comments below or on Facebook/Twitter.

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