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TMNT: Out of the Shadows Premiere!

Today I had the privilege to attend the TMNT: Out of the Shadows premiere at Madison Square Garden in NYC! It was a great time, as the Turtles had taken over the whole Garden. This was my first time attending a red carpet event, and it was great to do it for such a highly anticipated movie!

When I said Paramount and the Turtles took over MSG, I meant it. They had 3 platforms set up for the red carpet, 4 color coordinated cars, and a carnival set up for the youngest audience members. It was a lively atmosphere, and many of the stars of the movie were interviewed for the crowds.

I had actually missed the interview with Michael Bay and Stephen Amell, but I was able to catch Sheamus and Gary Anthony Williams, Laura Linney, Will Arnett, Noel Fisher, Jeremy Howard, and Pete Ploszek, Carmello Anthony, and Tyler Perry! They talked about how much it meant for them to be involved in the Turtles history, what it was like to take on their specific characters, what it was like filming with CGI characters, and filming in Madison Square Garden. It was fun to hear each recount watching TMNT growing up, and Laura Linney shared the story on how she was hired for the movie. Apparently, she received a whole pizza and a case of Orange Crush with a letter asking if she’d be interested in the film. She sent a picture back with her on the ground, empty pizza box, and cans of Orange Crush littered around her! I want to accept a job like that!

Everyone was really into it and we got to hear some fun stories about the film. Tyler Perry also tried to convince Paramount to give away the cars on display. Our host informed him that they had given away masks and other gifts to the kids and that kids wouldn’t be interested in the cars. Perry replied, “But the fathers would!” Don’t leave out us older fans without kids!

We finally moved into the theater and were in for a few more surprises. Not only did we get to see the stars enter the theater and join us but we got a surprise performance by none other than long time Turtle friend Vanilla Ice!

Vanilla Ice performed a new song influenced by Go Ninja Go! with the Turtles (costumes styled after the original 1990 movie)!

After Vanilla Ice we went straight into the movie. I’ll leave any specific thoughts for our official review, but I really think you’re going to like it! After the movie I got a chance to take some pictures with Sheamus and Brian Tee (Shredder), and Titus O’neil of WWE.

I’ve never been to a premiere before and it was a lot of fun. I took so many pictures, got to meet some really cool people, and got to be a part of the first group of people to see the movie! I want to tell you all about the movie so bad, but you should really go into it spoiler-free. The best part of the whole day though was seeing all the kids enjoying TMNT. There were so many kids in shirts, face paint, and costumes, and they really enjoyed the movie. They cheered when the lights dimmed for the movie, when the logo popped up, and there was a lot of applause throughout the film as various scenes played out. It’s great to see our favorite franchise has so much life in it.


Finally, since I like to end articles on a funny note, here’s my story: I was standing in the theatre, trying to get photos for this article, and none other than Stephen Amell walks down the aisle, one row in front of me. I was able to get some photos of him earlier, but they were all at a distance, but here he comes: walking right by me. So I take my phone out and take a picture, not even realizing what was going on. After the pic, I see him looking right at me! He was eating some popcorn and was totally giving me a look like, ” Really guy? I’m eating here.” I looked at the picture and he’s giving me the exact same look! I felt so bad, but it was really funny, so to make it up to him, I tweeted this:

And there you have it! What do you think of the premiere? Are you excited for Out of the Shadows? Let us know in the comments! I hope we can keep bringing you unique experiences like this in the future!

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Dan Spitaliere

Dan Spitaliere

Dan Spitaliere is a sound designer and engineer, voice over artist, and a lifelong shellhead. He grew up on a healthy diet of Turtles movies, comics, cartoons, and toys, and can recite the first movie in its entirety from memory. He is excited to be a part of such a great team in the middle of this current Turtle Renaissance!

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