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New TMNT DVD Set Hits Stores

by Zach Gasior

Continuing on with the release of the latest TMNT incarnation on DVD, the series adds Revenge to its list – and to collectors’ shelves. The set keeps the story going with the final 12 episodes of season three, and presents both final moments of Karai’s story, as well as some fun standalone adventures and the amazing, impactful finale that saw Earth blown to bits and sucked through a black hole.


The back half of season three saw many fan-favorite characters, like the Mighty Mutaniamals, as well as some familiar individuals return to the TMNT universe. Nowhere was this more prominent than in “Meet Mondo Gecko,” where the lovable lizard joined the newest incarnation while being voiced by TMNT alum (and perhaps the greatest Michelangelo of all time) Robbie Rist. Even if the third season wasn’t received with all the fanfare of the first two, the later episodes in season three were fun, and tried to get things back to the same level of cohesion that was seen early on in the show.


Like all the DVD sets released for the newest series, Revenge includes a high production value and plenty of episodes on its two discs. However, it still suffers from the same problems that have plagued the show as a whole since its inception: The releases are very limited, and the sets are so disjointed that buying every one to complete the collection almost doesn’t seem worth the cost. As mentioned prior, some DVD season sets do exist, but in order to get season two, fans have to buy season one all over again. Likewise, with a show that looks as beautiful on the small screen as this version of the turtles, it’s a little surprising that there has been no Blu-Ray release of any episodes.


While it’s nothing new that season three wasn’t met with the happiest of attitudes here, this DVD set is certainly worth picking up for any collector. It provides the fun of the series while still trying to put together a cohesive plot (even if the writers did essentially say, “You know what, forget it, let’s destroy everything” at the end of the season). However, it is still a shame that there is no season set, because fans that don’t appreciate buying two discs at a time are still waiting to get their hands on this show. Hopefully, someday that will happen, but in the meantime enjoy Revenge.

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NUMBER ONE TMNT FAN December 8, 2015 - 6:07 pm

I got the seasons 1 and 2 set. I live in the U.S. so I cant buy them individually. thankfully I didn’t already have season one so it was handy to be able to buy them together but I understand the problem for people who have season 1 and not 2. I really want revenge also

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