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With the release of new information regarding the TMNT sequel a possibility at any given moment, it should come as no surprise when a new tidbit hits the Internet.  However, when that piece of information potentially reveals a major plot point for the film, it’s even more worthwhile.

In a recent interview with the Chicago Tribune, former WWE star C.M. Punk revealed that he had been sought for the role of Rocksteady.  Since the role ultimately went to Sheamus, C.M. Punk could only speculate as to why plans changed: “I just assumed Sheamus is a bigger dude, so they gave it to the big guy. … They were looking for two big, muscly bouncer types. … I think they end up getting mutated half way through.  You didn’t hear that from me, though.”

So not only did plans change, but C.M. Punk may have inadvertently leaked that Rocksteady and Bebop (the mutants) will, in fact, appear.  The presence of the rhino and warthog has been in question, and the new information is unconfirmed for the time being.  However, it would only make sense that they show up eventually.  So what do you think of this information?  Are you hopeful that the mutants make their big screen debut?


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  1. I never doubted the mutants showing up. The reason we’ve only seen their human form is because the studio has to be the one to reveal anything CGI and they wont do that till 2016.

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