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TMNT 2 Hints At Possible Trilogy w/ Interesting Easter Eggs, new IMAGES

In true fashion for a film loaded with references, hidden gems, and fun tidbits, photos from the set of TMNT II have revealed some exciting new Easter Eggs and information about what’s to come when the film hits theaters next year.  The first bit was noticed by a fan when examining a picture of April O’Neil wearing a nametag with the moniker “Renet Tilley.”  Those familiar with the TMNT comics and the 2003 TV series will remember that Renet Tilley was a Timestress, and a student to the Guardian of Time, Lord Simultaneous, and later became friends with the turtles during a trip to Earth.  While this certainly does not confirm any sort of time travel for the movie (and many fans would probably appreciate forgetting the last time travel used for a live-action TMNT movie), it’s a nice throwback to a character that is also set to appear soon in the 2012 animated series.


The second hidden gem found in the new film involves a case being carried by Casey Jones and April O’Neil.  On the front of the case is the word “Rockwell.”  Fans of the new animated series will remember that before he was mutated into a monkey and his mind was enhanced with psychic abilities, Dr. Tyler Rockwell was a scientist experimenting with the intelligence of apes and monkeys.  Now, the Doctor is a member of the Mighty Mutanimals, and fights with the turtles when needed.  If the case came from Rockwell’s lab, then it could be mutagen related, or it could in some way mean that yet another character from the TMNT universe will be showing his face in the sequel.


Also appearing from pictures of the set are a few new gadgets for the actors that will undoubtedly also become toys at some point in the near future.  One photo shows Bebop and Rocksteady’s personal transportation – motorcycles decked out in as many chains, spikes, and stainless steel pieces as could possibly be imagined for two punks later turned mutants.  Bebop’s bike is even accented with gold designs and a plate that says “Bebop” right on it.  Both look about as dangerous as could be, and certainly will look great in a toy collection with figures of the mutants mounted on top.  Hopefully they mean that rumors of the Shellraiser being included in the film are true as well, and a potential battle on the road will be one of many action sequences for the film.


Another photo shows Steven Amell standing next to a matte black muscle car, suggesting that the vehicle will be Casey Jones’ car in the film.  The ride is perfect for a vigilante who wants to blend in with the night, sneaking up on enemies and dispensing his own brand of justice before they even know what hit him.  Plus, with that car surrounded by NYPD cruisers in the garage, maybe there will be a chase scene featuring Casey Jones on the run from the cops.  If nothing else, all of these images of vehicles certainly give the impression that there will be considerably more action on the road in this film than in any previous live-action TMNT movie.

TMNT 2 Casey Jones

With filming for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II: Half Shell still in full swing, it’s only a matter of time before the leaked images from the set stop coming, and leave fans waiting patiently for the next installment of the franchise to hit theatres.  Will there be more TMNT tidbits in the film? Will Renet Tilley be used to unfold a Kraang disaster? How, if at all, will these particular pieces of information be used?  They could be nothing more than the Easter Eggs that they are now, and hold no special relevance to the movie’s content, but it’s always fun to imagine what else could be!  So what do you think of the newest information from the set of TMNT II?  What other characters might be lurking in the fringes of the film?  Let us know in the comments below.


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