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Megan Fox Spotted w/ Original Actress from 1990 TMNT

SPOILER ALERT: The set of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles has two of April O’Neil. Well, only one will be considered for the role of April for the film–as Judith Hoag, who played April in Steve Barron’s 1990 live-action Turtles classic has just been spotted. It seems as though Judith’s appearance will likely be in the form of a cameo role in the new Turtles movie–yet let us to rejoice!

Megan Fox Judith Hoag Ninja Turtles 2

Judith Hoag, who has worn the crown as the reigning April O’Neil for the generations of Turtles fans around the world will prove to be a nice addition to the upcoming sequel which is slated for release in the Summer of 2016.

According to photos leaked from the set, Megan Fox will be interviewing Judith Hoag in Time Square.  Hoag seems to be involved in the media in some sort of fashion in the new Turtles movie.  We’re guessing this because:  1.) She is wearing a business savvy dress  2.) She’s seen with a recording device in her hand.

Megan Fox Judith Hoag TMNT 2

While it’s not likely that Judith’s cameo will be cut out of the film when it finds its release next year–isn’t it fair for us to be concerned about such?  For wasn’t Kevin Eastman’s cameo role cut out of the 2014 film?

There were a lot of scenes cut out of the 2014 film, in fact.  One major scene that the fans really were upset about was one that featured Raphael in his trench coat. The scene would’ve paid homage to the original TMNT (1990) film when Raphael met Casey Jones for the first time.


This piece of news make us here at Teenage Mutant Ninja very excited and optimistic for Dave Green’s 2016 Turtles sequel.

Are there any another actors or actresses from the ’90s Turtles live action films that you think should be involved in the 2016 film? Let us what you think.

Source: Yahoo Movies

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