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TMNT Dressed Window Washers Surprise Children at Hospital

Patients at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia got a warm surprise from the window washers. The crew dressed up as Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles while on duty, and put a show on for the patients. The window washing crew even performed a small skit for the wonderful children. It’s moments like this that warm our hearts!
Caitlin Novelli, a child specialist, thought of the idea to make children feel good about the hospital, rather than be scared.

“We want to let them feel special within the hospital walls, so this is one of the ways in which we’ve really been able to bring a sense of normalcy and excitement into the hospital,” Novelli says. “They had just sheer joy and big smiles on their faces.”

Spending the night at the hospital has never been considered fun, so it’s moments like these that astonish the patients. Marty Tuzman (owner and CEO) said “The guys just get totally into it,” he says. “It’s such an amazing space to be in. There’s so much indulgence with the kids.”

Adam Frenchman Englander is a six-year-old boy who has been a patient at the hospital for three weeks. He and his family needed a moment to take their minds off things, and this was an opportune moment. Adam and his family are grateful for the hospitals services.

The team are grateful for accomplishments like this. Thank you!


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