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Showcase – English Artist/Comedian Shows Off New TMNT-Inspired Pieces

by Zach Gasior

Creative minds have come up with some awesome things, especially when they’ve been inspired by the Ninja Turtles.  Video games, paintings, and even construction have given rise to some fantastic TMNT creations that have left viewers in awe.  Fans are constantly showing what they’re capable of when their talents are added to their personal likes, and talent is often rewarded, whether by other fans or by those in charge of the franchise.  So what happens when Nickelodeon UK decides to mix art, comedy, and the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles?  The answer is Joe Pasquale and his TMNT inspired Renaissance paintings!


Joe Pasquale was born in Grays, Essex, England in 1961, and was interested in painting and art from the time he was just a boy in school.  When he became a stand-up comedian, he was able to take that love one step further and incorporate his artwork into his routine.  Throughout his long and successful career, Mr. Pasquale has appeared in numerous stage performances and across television, bringing his unique style to everything he has done.  From “The Price is Right” to “The Muppet Show,” live performances to reality TV, Mr. Pasquale has added his comedy styling to many different projects, and now he’s ready to be a part of TMNT history as well.


“I was asked directly by Nickelodeon … to paint some pictures for them,” said Pasquale, “but when I found out it was for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, for me that was it.”  The paintings combine some of the most symbolic works of the famous Renaissance artists with easily identified TMNT iconography, creating a humorous spin on old classics.  Of course, each turtle/artist received his own painting.  Leonardo’s “Vitruvian Man” is displayed sporting a shell, blue bandana, and two katana, while Raphael’s Cherubs includes a red bandana and the pet turtle Spike (as nods to the turtles who share the artists’ names).  Pasquale also painted Donatello’s David sculpture standing over a Kraang with a bo-staff replacing the sword and Master Splinter watching closely from the background.  Finally, Michelangelo’s “Creation of Adam” becomes the “Creation of Pizza” as God hands Adam a slice of deep-dish stuffed crust.

Of course, Nickelodeon has a plan for the work they’ve commissioned.  “I think the turtles were originally named after the Renaissance artists purely for comic value, but it’s great to know that they’ve enlightened the nation on the Italian artists,” said John Preston, Creative Director for Nickelodeon UK.  More and more people are gaining their cultural knowledge from television, and can associate the names of the artists with their respective turtles.  So, Nick wants to capitalize on that love for charity.  “These paintings are going to be auctioned off for three of Nickelodeon’s charities, which are Family Action, Kids Out, and TRACKS Autism,” Preston added.  With so much going into this project and the chance to do something great, Nickelodeon is sure to have a hit of an idea on their hands.


While the paintings themselves were already worthy of any TMNT fan’s collection, the fact that all the proceeds are going to charity makes the endeavor even more special.  The eBay auctions for all four paintings are currently live, and bidding is set to end on February 21st.  Fans can view and bid on each of the pieces in the following links: Leonardo, Donatello, Raphael, and Michelangelo.  If you’re a fan of art, a fan of the turtles, or a fan of making a difference be sure to check out the paintings and bid.  Mr. Pasquale’s hard work for the franchise deserves to be rewarded in exactly the way it is intended.

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