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Ninja Turtles 2 Character and Shoot Day Details


In a recent interview for the movie Project Almanac, producers Brad Fuller and Andrew Form discussed their upcoming project, “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2.” They revealed the film is set to start shooting this April in New York. Andrew Form kept it simple stating that…

“We’re in prep right now, we start shooting in New York, in April. It’s going to come out June 3rd of ’16”

That amount of response to TMNT news is astounding, it’s clear that TMNT has one of the largest and most caring fan base. Last year, these producers revealed a bit too much information at the Brasil Comic Con 2014 by revealing character details. They talked about plans for Bebop and Rocksteady, as well as to introduce the fan favorite masked vigilante Casey Jones. Brad Fuller had some interesting words about his plans…

“For the first movie we wanted to have a lot of characters and we have a board of all of them.”

Then Andrew Form elaborated a bit more.

“We designed and we did lots of work on all of them and so many fit the in the box. Luckily we have another chance to make another one of these movies and some of those characters who got cut out the first one will make it in the second one.”

Prepare for some major news in the coming months as actors/actresses will be signed (or resigned) for TMNT 2. The film is slated to release June 3, 2016 and will be directed by Dave Green. Original writers Josh Appelbaum and André Nemec will be returning as well. View the interview below and tell us your thoughts.

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