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TMNT – “Plan 10” Review

TMNT Plan 10

“Who you calling ‘Kraang’?  Oh no…” – Raphael


The newest Kraang plot is underway, and it involves switching the minds of Kraang with those of world leaders so they can mutate all humans without being detected.  The turtles arrive to thwart them just as their test is in progress, but they’re too late: The device is a success.  The boys try to destroy the device, but one mistake causes an explosion and puts Raphael down for the count.  The turtles escape before further harm is done, but something isn’t quite right with their brother.


The turtles quickly realize that Raph had his brain switched with a Kraang, and they manage to subdue their brother’s body to get it back to the lair.  Meanwhile, Raphael is trapped under water in the Kraang fortress, unsure of how to get out and back to his family.  However, he stumbles across a Kraang communication orb, as well as their endgame for total invasion of Earth.  Raph contacts the others for help, and they head out to save him from the Technodrome.


Using the Turtle Sub to sneak aboard, Raphael stops his friends from being captured, and they easily get into the room with the brain-switching machine.  A battle ensues to get Raphael his body back, but Donatello runs into a few snags while operating the machine (including switching Casey and April).  However, he manages to get the machine under control, and puts everyone back where they’re suppose to be.  The turtles blow up the machine and make their escape from the Technodrome, satisfied that another Kraang plot has been defeated. The boys now must find a way to stop the invasion plan, but it looks like Donnie has an idea.


After an extended absence from any real action, the Kraang have returned with a new plan that seems destined for failure.  The story here wasn’t terribly strong, especially since it has been a while since a Raphael episode.  But at least he’s seeing some action on his own.  As has been said by many fans before, Raph always seems to be a turtle worth focusing on because he has the most room for character growth.  On the plus side, though, the Kraang plots are never as silly or stupid as those that have been seen in the past.  Yes, other incarnations also used brain-switching machines and the like, but no one was ever so clever as to have a well thought out plan for how to use it.


The only real accomplishment in this episode was in setting up the final conflict with the Kraang for this season.  The turtles will absolutely have to stop the full-scale invasion of Earth, but that information could have been revealed in any episode, and not this one specifically.  Otherwise, this episode was entirely unnecessary.  It just didn’t feel like the kind of plot that should be seen at this point in the season.  With only a few left until the season finale, every single episode should be building to a dramatic showdown that influences what’s to come in the next season.  This just didn’t seem to do that.  Hopefully the remaining episodes are much more worthwhile for the climax of the season.


While it wasn’t a bad episode by any means, it also didn’t fit with this point in the season.  There’s too much to start resolving to place what amounts to a throwaway episode at this point in the season.  Everything should be focused on either Karai or the actual Kraang invasion.  However, it was still fun and nice to see something new involving the Kraang and the turtles.  Plus, who knows if this will actually have some further-reaching effect.  (Did the Kraang in Raph’s body actually get a good look at the way to the lair, and now their home is in trouble?  Only time will tell.)  Overall, it just wasn’t what we should be seeing now, and that made it less enjoyable than it would have otherwise been.


Rating: 7/10

The Author

Zach Gasior

Zach Gasior

Zach Gasior is an author and English professor at Baton Rouge Community College in Louisiana. His short stories have been published around the world, and he has two non-fiction books in print. He has contributed articles to several different sites, and has been a fan of the turtles since he was two years old, and his favorite ninja turtle is Raphael.

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