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Giveaway: Ninja Turtles Kids Books

We were lucky enough to have Nickelodeon send us children’s books. Three (3) lucky fans will receive these awesome TMNT Out of the Shadows themed books! We hope you get to share a book with the children in your lives. Please join our contest to win one of these radical books.

How to enter: Simply comment below and explain why your child deserves these cool books

How to Qualify: Must be 13+ years of age and must have a US Address

There are three book styles:

  1. Shell Shock – A comic themed book which includes 30 shiny stickers
  2. Stand Together – Includes a card game and over 30 stickers
  3. Fan Book – Includes posters, 50 stickers, games, and more

Contest ends: 6/27/16 @ 1:00 PM EST

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