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First Look At Rest Of Turtles And Shredder from Michael Bay’s Ninja Turtles

Paramount Pictures Corporation (“Paramount”) has kindly requested the removal of any unauthorized content without express written permission of Paramount.

The last several days here at have been busy ones for us because of all the new images from the film that have been popping up.

Last week, we brought Turtles fans the first look at Michelangelo from the upcoming Michael Bay Paramount Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie via a Halloween costume image that slipped out, and the response from Turtles fans on the internet was mixed to say the least.

Then this happened:

The Turtles licensee that mistakenly let out the image of the 2014 TMNT Michelangelo Halloween asked us politely on behalf of Viacom (Paramount Studios) to remove the image of Michelangelo that you saw first here on    In doing so, Turtles fans were given the proof that we all wanted, which was that the image of Michelangelo was in fact directly connected to the upcoming Paramount Turtles movie which is scheduled for release into theaters in June of 2014.

(click to enlarge images, Images blacked out upon request)

Yesterday, the website released some amazing photos that claim to have been sourced from “someone close to the production” of the new Turtles movie.  These photos appear to have something to do with the new Turtles film in a visual effects capacity, but with these new photos, we now know exactly what The Shredder will look in the new movie, and we here at are spinning in our shells with excitement about it.

The Shredder aka Eric Sachs (Oroku Saki), played by actor William Fichtner,  is looking quite metal! In fact, we’re having trouble discerning whether or not there is any aspect of his armor that is not covered in sharp, pointy metallic weaponry. With long, ominous claws extending from each forearm and blades protruding from his shoulders, thighs and calves, this version of The Shredder looks pretty dangerous.

The Shredder’s legs look less human than the rest of his body, as he definitely looks to be more machine than man. Will this new Shredder design echo back to some of the 80’s finest science fiction? Or will he actually transform at some point during the film from human into metal? Whatever the case may be, this is a pretty scary looking Shredder! Heck, even his cape is made of metal.

Today in breaking Turtles news…

There is no doubt that these images below directly relate themselves to the new Ninja Turtles movie, just as the Michelangelo costume from last week did.    In seeing this images of our heroes in a half shell today, Turtles fans should all have a pretty strong idea of what the new Ninja Turtles will look like when we head out to theaters in June to see the film.

We here at are wondering if fans will take to these new versions of the Turtles and to The Shredder like we have here. We Shellheads here at Turtles central are very excited for the new movie, and we understand and appreciate all of the Turtles fans concerns that are buzzing around the interwebs about all of these cool movie updates.

Tell us what you think!  Do you like the new looks of the Turtles?  Do you like the new Shredder?   Tell us about it in the comments below, or spin over and chat about it in our forums!


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