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Ninja Turtles 2014 Movie Poster Leaked!?

Today on Twitter, a strange image was tweeted by a Turtles fan. Check it out:

Ninja Turtles 2014 movie poster

Is this connected to the new Michael Bay Ninja Turtles film, because if it is, it really rocks!   These Turtles look tough as the shells they wear on their backs and what about the toys in the image to the right of the poster display?   They SURE DO seem like they could be the new Ninja Turtles toys that we’ve heard so much about don’t they?

Certainly what we see here in this poster display is consistent with everything that we’ve just seen earlier today in the images leaked of the Ninja Turtles visual effects models.    This image is consistent also with the samurai gear on the Turtles chests that we’ve heard about.  This has got to be from the new Ninja Turtles Paramount movie!  But how is it connected?  Is it some sort of poster display to support the release of the toys?

Only time will tell Shellheads.  We here at thinks that this imagery rocks!   If Michael Bay wanted us to get excited about the film, this is certainly one way to make that happen.  Cowabunga!

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Justin W

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