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Halloween Costume Reveals First Look of Michael Bay’s Ninja Turtles Movie

Overnight, as the story went viral online in the TMNT universe via social media, the licensee politely informed us that Viacom (Paramount Studios) requested for them to contact us immediately in an attempt to remove the image that we suggested yesterday could be an indication of what we’re in store for in the upcoming June 2014 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie.
If we ever needed any proof that the image that you saw here first on our Turtles site yesterday was in fact, a representation of the imagery of the Turtles from the upcoming movie, we now have it!


Just when you thought the gossip and chatter had died down about the upcoming Michael Bay produced Ninja Turtles movie…

Holy Cowabunga!

Someone has unveiled a first look glimpse at the designs of the Turtles themselves from the upcoming live action Paramount Studios / Platinum Dunes  re-boot of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie franchise. Just a few weeks ago, we were talking about some of the new toys designed for the movie coming out this summer. There weren’t any pictures of the toys, but it was still nice to just be given a sense for the new design of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Thankfully, today we can show you something that will really give you a sense for what to expect.


Produced by Michael Bay, and written by screenwriters Josh Appelbaum, André Nemec, and Evan Daugherty, the new Turtles movie is set for release at some point in 2014 starring Megan Fox, Will Arnett, and Whoopi Goldberg.


Paramount Studios has been very quiet about the new Turtles movie to date.  Fans of the Turtles haven’t yet seen so much as a teaser trailer for the upcoming film yet.  There is no idea what the Turtles in the new film will even look like either.  Will the Turtles be faithful in comparison to the characters created by Turtles creators Kevin Eastman and Peter Laird?  Or will Paramount be giving to us Turtles fans something in a similar look as the Turtles from the 1990’s Hollywood live action films?


TMNT fans have expressed great outrage and anger on the internet since the Paramount announcement of the film’s production, producer, director, and stars, and not knowing what the Turtles will look like all of this time in the aftermath of those official announcements, has given many a Turtle fan a bad taste in their mouth.


Then along comes the 2014 TMNT Halloween costumes.  Sent out on the internet by a costume company (by mistake), we now are able to get a first glimpse as to what our  Ninja Turtles will look like in the upcoming Jonathan Liebesman (Darkness Falls, Battle of Los Angeles) directed Turtles film.   Get ready to be surprised Turtles fans….



The 2014 Turtles are a bit different from the Turtles we all fell in love with in the 1980’s.  These 2014 Turtles, have loin clothes and back packs.   Yet, these TMNT Halloween costumes with their “stuffable shells” look much more lifelike than other TMNT costumes that have since come and gone from the market.


If we’re to assume that these costumes are a direct reflection of the Turtles that we’ll see in the upcoming 2014 movie, then we could assume that our Turtles are cut, ripped, muscled and ready to kick some Shredder butt! Going off of this Michelangelo Turtles costume design, it’s difficult to know for certain if in fact this imagery will be reflected directly in the new Paramount Turtles movie, but it is a pretty safe bet.   We’re unveiling the Michelangelo image today, but don’t worry Turtles fans, we’ll be revealing the other Turtles shortly.


The coolest thing about this new Turtles look is that Paramount really seems to be taking a more authentic Samurai Warrior/ Japanese culture approach toward the Turtles and we think that is a pretty cool thing.  It would certainly be consistent in regards to original vision of Turtles creators Kevin Eastman and Peter Laird, wouldn’t it?


There are some Turtles fans that have expressed outrage over a re-design of the look of our Turtles for the upcoming film, and while there are those that would argue that this isn’t a “good idea”, we happen to really like these re-designs here at   So, what do you think?   Will these designs give the Turtles the 2014 edge in the new Paramount Turtles movie?   Or are these unacceptable in the Turtles universe?   Tell us what you think here.

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