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The Villains of Dimension X

by Justin W

Dimension X is one of the most dangerous places in the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles universe.  It has spawned countless evil threats, and the barrier between it and Earth breaks down on all too many occasions.  The scourge that escapes from there has constantly pressured the turtles.  Whether Dimension X is a parallel dimension or another galaxy, the threat is all too real.  The most dangerous villain to come from this place is Krang, the squishy pink brain bent on world domination.  He was banished from Dimension X, and then banished back to his home by the turtles as the fight dragged on.  But he wasn’t alone; Krang had an army at his disposal, and often found ways to bring his most trusted advisers to Earth.

Krang by Stephen Thompson

Krang by Stephen Thompson


Krang’s most powerful follower was General Traag.  Traag was the leader of Krang’s rock soldier army, and took all orders from his disembodied warlord.  He was a thick, stout brown stone creature, who could use his hard head in battle.  When Traag was brought to Earth, he was also be put in charge of the Foot soldiers, much to Shredder’s chagrin.  (Traag also reappeared in the 2012 TMNT series, once again as a rock creature from Dimension X.) Traag worked closely with another rock soldier, Granitor.  Granitor was Traag’s second in command, and by default Krang’s third.  Granitor was a grey slab, taller and thinner than Traag.  Granitor had the pleasure of encountering the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles when he chased the Neutrinos through the dimension portal.  Like all the villains, however, he was no match for the heroes, and was ultimately forced back to Dimension X, with General Traag in tow.

 General Traag and Granitor from Dimension X

Krang’s army didn’t stop at his rock soldier commanders.  He also brought some of his other minions to serve his needs.  One such warrior was Antrax, “Krang’s executioner from Dimension X”.  As his name implies, he carried out the ultimate end of any enemies captured during conquest.  Antrax wears the traditional hood of the executioner, and his weapon of choice is a large ax.  Antrax is a fearsome warrior who the turtles are very familiar with (even though they only appeared together onscreen once).


After many long battles with Krang and his forces, the turtles managed to conquer their foes and banish them back to Dimension X.  However, this opened the door for a brand new threat.  Lord Dregg was brilliant in ways that Krang had never considered, turning psychological warfare into his greatest weapon.  Dregg came to Earth with his minion, Mung, and amidst all of the same tired schemes was a fresh idea.  Lord Dregg began a smear campaign that turned the entire city against the turtles, bringing Splinter’s greatest fears to pass.  It was a tactic that served him well for quite some time, until he was ultimately defeated and banished back to Dimension X, as well.

 Lord Dregg and Mung from Dimension X

Dimension X added an interesting element to this incarnation of TMNT.  When dealing with the fantastical, like mutant turtles, normal Earth villains are only going to take the show so far.  By introducing aliens (or extra-dimensional conquerors, depending on the school of thought behind Dimension X), the turtles suddenly have an entire universe’s worth of enemies to defeat.  Giving the home of the worst a very ominous name just ramps up the tension, and makes sure that every time one of these villains shows up finding resolutions will be anything but easy.


The villains of Dimension X were some of the worst, most formidable foes the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles had to face.  While the boys were able to hold their ground and come out victorious on all such occasions, the fights were never simple, and prevailing took time and determination.  Ultimately, these villains added a good element to this particular incarnation, setting up several strong characters who could pose a challenge whenever it was needed most.

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