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Borderlands 2 pays tribute to TMNT

by Justin W

The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles have been around since the 1980’s, and the fans who grew up watching the original series are now adults. In Borderlands 2, the game team paid tribute to the Turtles.

In a certain mission,” Splinter Group”, you have to deliver a pizza to a sewer. A ninja named Lee, aka Leonardo, comes at you wielding a sword.  Another turtle named Dan attacks you. He wears purple, just like Donatello. His weapon is not a stick, but his colors are close enough.

Ralf, who is clearly Raphael, wields what looks to be very close to a pair of sais. Mike, is Michelangelo. The Turtles do use a lot of 90’s lingo, so the fight in enjoyable. The Turtles do not put up much of a challenge in the first play through, but the second play through they do.

They act like ninjas by running around and using bombs. They are not smoke bombs like the show, they are real bombs that can cause some frustration.

There is a bonus for those who can solve a puzzle after the fight. Flinter, who is Splinter, comes out and fights you. He is challenging the first time you fight him, so be warned. You do get a decent weapon after defeating him; so he is worth it.

The Borderlands 2 team, not only provided a good laugh with TMNT; they made a great game. In addition, to the TMNT reference, they also  paid tribute to other things. For example, they used the famous “Double Rainbow” reference in the game. It even unlocks an achievement, when you see it.

The team also paid tribute to Minecraft, the popular computer game. There is a mission where you have to defeat Creepers.  They do drop some good items, and you can get Minecraft skins for your character.  You can even mine in the Minecraft inspired level.

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