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TMNT | Panic in the Sewers Review

Two weeks ago the Turtles got beaten up by Shredder. They barely escaped, and Splinter knew this. He feared it. The Turtles were not allowed to explore New York because it.

This week, Shredder had a plan. He knew that the Turtles were hiding in the sewers. Luckily, April O’Neil discovered the plot before it was too late. Shredder planned to steal a deadly chemical that reacted with water. This would have caused a giant chemical explosion, killing the Turtles.

O’Neil’s character development is different than the previous Turtles series. She is not a damsel in distress. Without her detective work, the Turtles would be dead. She spied on the Purple Dragon Gang, and discovered that they were meeting up with the Foot.

Panic in the sewers, TMNT, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

The Turtles had to act or else they would die.

They went to the rooftops, and let O’Neil do her thing. She delivered pizza to the Purple Dragons before, and got some information by placing a voice recorder on the box. That is how she discovered where the Purple Dragons were meeting the Foot.

The Foot Clan did not fall for the bait. O’Neil improvised and took to the roofs. She was able to use her cell phone to let the Turtles listen in on what the plan was.

Michelangelo would be the cause of trouble for not only the Turtles, but for the Foot as well.

When the Turtles trained, they were stressed out. They needed a break, and Splinter allowed this. Michelangelo dealt with stress by pranking. He liked water balloons. The tension between Raphael and Michelangelo was hilarious.

Donatello invented a new invention. He made a four person go-kart that could split into four smaller go karts. The writers may be teasing with the idea of the Turtles Van. Donatello even said that the invention was not ready. The series is starting to take shape into the TMNT show that many fans grew up with.

O’Neil was captured by the Foot and the Turtles rescued her, but not without a fight. The Turtles could not take on Bradford, who mutated. His new nickname was “Dogpound”. It was given to him by Michelangelo. His strength was too much for the Turtles.

They had to outsmart him The Turtles split into two groups. Donatello and Raphael would rescue O’Neil, while Leonardo and Michelangelo would stop the chemical attack. If the Turtles failed, it would have not only been the end of their home, but Splinter as well.

In the end, Michelangelo saved the day. His prankster ways turned out to be useful. In the final battle, Leonardo fought Dogpound. He was losing. Michelangelo was going to throw a water balloon at Leonardo, but Leonardo told him to throw it at the chemical tanker. The result was Michelangelo saved the day.

As a reward, the Turtles were treated to pizza, by Michelangelo. Something did not seem right with the pizza. It was revealed that Michelangelo got the pizza from the garbage. O’Neil threw out the pizza when the Foot rejected it. Rather than let it go to waste, Michelangelo brought it home.

He did bring up a good point when the other Turtles threw the pizza on the ground. They live in a sewer, why be picky?

The writers had a tough act to follow. They had Shredder two weeks ago, and it was a major turning point in the series. Overall an 8.5/10.

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