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TMNT: Metalhead review

by Zach Gasior

Last week, TMNT fans saw the arrival of Metalhead.  The episode was even called Metalhead.  Although the episode featured Metalhead, the real plot was about Donatello. In previous episodes, each Turtle had a character development episode. Donatello finally got his.

In the beginning fight scene, Donatello’s weapon broke again. He realized that a wooden staff cannot fight well against alien technology, thus producing metal head. He brought back a broken Krang droid and remodified it.

Donatello’s intelligence was finally shown to its truest potential.

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After he built his new machine, Donatello bragged about how incredible it was. The rest of the Turtles doubted it, but Donatello wanted to make a point. He issued a challenge to his brothers, defeat Metalhead. Raphael was the first to fight. He was quickly defeated. Michelangelo and Leonardo launched a surprised attack, but failed to take down Metalhead.

The next test would be in battle. April O’Neal set up a website that helped the Turtles track the Krang’s movements. Although the Turtles do not travel during the day, O’Neal decided that she would.

O’Neal’s character development is going well. She has developed into a smart girl, who can also fight. O’Neal took down a Krang by herself. She snuck into a warehouse, and discovered that the Krang were going to poison the city’s water supply.

The Turtles were already on the move and Metalhead was with them. Donatello was still at home controlling Metalhead through his controller. The Turtles met up with O’Neal. She informed them on what she saw. They knew they had to stop it, but Donatello found out that Metalhead was clumsy.

Metalhead and O’Neal were left behind, and the rest of the Turtles jumped into battle. They took out a few of the Krang, but were quickly discovered. Outnumbered and out matched, the Turtles looked to be finished. Donatello was flirting a bit with O’Neal through Metalhead, but soon knew he had to join in the battle.

Metalhead made a quick entrance and proved to be very powerful. He took out the Krang like it was nothing. The action scenes were well animated and action packed. All seemed well, until one of the Krang attached itself to Metalhead. He took over, and the Krang regrouped. They launched a counter attack.

The Turtles were cornered, but relied on their ninja skills to keep them alive. Donatello knew he had to join the battle. Splinter told him earlier in the episode not to use Metalhead in battle. The writers represented typical teenage behavior, so naturally Donatello lied to Splinter. Splinter gave Donatello a new staff and he was off.

He arrived just in time. The rest of the gang fought the Krang, but Donatello fought Metalhead alone. The fight was intense. Donatello’s staff broke again. He seemed frustrated and for a good reason. His brothers weapons could take a beating, but his could not. He had to outsmart his own creation. He decided that Metalhead’s weapons would take him out.  A giant support beam fell down and hit Metalhead, but that was not enough to take him out.

Donatello’s broken staff went through Metalhead, shutting him down.

The episode was action packed, and was a great character development for Donatello. Overall an 8.5/10.

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