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TMNT | Turtle Temper Review

by Zach Gasior

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Temper Review

The latest Turtles episode was about Raphael’s anger issues, hence the episode being called Turtle Temper.  The Turtles were on surveillance when Raphael’s temper caused their cover to be blown. All because of one civilian named Vic, who is voiced by Lewis Black.

TMNT Turtle Temper Episode

Vic  is a New Yorker who is loud mouthed and somewhat rude. It seems only fitting that Black voiced him. Viewers are introduced to Vic on the roof tops on New York. He is yelling at the Turtles for being on the roof. Raphael’s anger problems are familiar to the original TMNT fans. His temper got the best of him, which caused trouble for the Turtles.

They were discovered by the Kraangs and the fighting began. The fight scenes were well animated. As the Turtles were fighting, Vic decided to record the event with his phone to try to make a buck. Raphael tries to tackle Vic, but he manages to get away.

Splinter hears of the Turtles failure, and reminds them that they must remain in the shadows. To help Raphael control his anger issues, Splinter provides some training. Leonardo, Michelangelo and Donatello are each given an opportunity to shoot Raphael. His skills are put to the test, and he passes with ease. Splinter then tells the Turtles to insult Raphael as they shoot.

Michelangelo was very excited to help in Raphael’s training. Earlier in the episode, Michelangelo was being bullied by him. The insults the Turtles said provided a laugh. The result was that Raphael failed to dodge most of the attacks.

Splinter tells the Turtles to get the video back without violence. They find Vic and try to reason with him. He offered to sell the video to the Turtles for $ 1 million.  Raphael hears this and is ready to beat up Vic. The Kraangs then come out of nowhere and another fight breaks out.

While in the midst of battle, Raphael decides to confront Vic about the video. He demands that he should  give it to him, while Leonardo is getting beat up by the Kraangs. The Kraangs get away and capture Vic.  Leonardo then sends Raphael home. His actions almost got the Turtles killed.

While at home, Raphael seeks the comfort of his pet turtle whose name is revealed to be Spike. Splinter hears Raphael and reveals to him that he lost his love interest , Tang Shen, because of anger.

Splinter reveals to Raphael that Shredder insulted him because of jealously. They both loved her. Splinter did not take kindly to the insults and fought back. The result was a rivalry that cost him everything. It is interesting to see a moral issue brought up in the series. Not many TV shows do that anymore. The lesson is violence solves nothing.

Raphael realizes what must be done. The rest of the gang tracks down the Kraangs and tries to save Vic. The Turtles are somewhat successful fighting the Kraang without the help of Raphael.  Vic accidentally gets hit by some ooze and mutates into a giant spider.

The Turtles are well aware that they cannot defeat him. Raphael then returns just in time to help save his teammates. His training is put to the test as he is insulted while dodging Vics attacks. Raphael then defeats Vic, who is renamed thanks in part to Michelangelo, Spider Bytez.

The new series introduced Tang Shen the right way. In the original series she did not even make an appearance.  The episode was basically a filler until next week, which was revealed to be the arrival of Shredder. Overall a 7.5/10.

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mr maczaps October 9, 2012 - 3:42 pm

do you know if these are being put online by Nick after they air for people who missed them?

mr maczaps October 10, 2012 - 11:33 am

nevermind, they are online. watched it last night. it was great!

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