Is the Ninja Turtles Reboot Dead?

A few weeks ago, it was announced that Paramount shut down production on the new TMNT reboot indefinitely. But what does that really mean? Has the whole project been shut down for good? Well, while many a fan has suggested that this may be the case, that’s probably just wishful thinking. The reality is that they’ve only pushed the release date back six months. Granted, it says something that they decided to go back to the drawing board and work on the script, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that the movie isn’t going to happen. When you’re dealing with a property as big as this, chances are that the studios aren’t going to be foolish enough to let it go by the wayside. If they say that they’ve pushed it back six months, you’ve got to expect that production is going to start up again rather soon.

When it comes to Hollywood, this kind of move is nothing new, and usually has more to do with money than anything else. The most accurate reports about this halt of production suggest that Paramount is more concerned about tightening the script than anything else. You see, sometimes script writers can get a little out of control and prepare a product that is a little beyond what the budget calls for. While it’s still entirely possible that they’re cutting aspects of the script that most fans were unhappy with, it’s important to understand that this move probably wasn’t made for the fans, but instead to lower the budget for the film.

The only reason that some journalists are choosing to see this as the death of the film is because a lot of movies have been put on hold as of late. When your average production gets put on hold, chances are just as good that it’ll get canned instead of continuing on. However, I think we all understand that this kind of production is a little bit bigger than your typical film.  The Turtles are still just as popular as ever, with the new Nickelodeon cartoon set for release this fall. Who knows, perhaps Paramount is just waiting to see how well that series does before deciding how much money they’re willing to put into the film. Either way, it’s highly unlikely that this reboot is dead. With a name like Michael Bay behind the project, and taking the popularity of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles into consideration, it is my humble opinion that there is no way this production will remain in limbo indefinitely.

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Justin Bozung

Justin Bozung

Justin Bozung is a film researcher/writer based in Ann Arbor, Michigan. He has written for such print publications as Shock Cinema, Fangoria, Paracinema, Whoa, Bijou and Phantom Of The Movies' Videoscope.

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