TMNT Reboot Delayed to Fix Script Issues

Is it true? Is a film studio actually going to listen to the fans this time? After the much talked about controversy over Michael Bay spilling the beans about the origin change for the turtles, Paramount has decided to halt production on the new movie. This may sound bad at first, but it could actually be a good thing. After all, it’s probably no coincidence that the reason they stopped production was to make changes to the script. Considering that everyone involved sounded so enthusiastic about what they were doing with the turtles in this film, a move like this makes quite a big statement. If they were so confident about the changes being made, why are they re-working the script?

TMNT reboot delayed
Ninja Turtles Reboot is rained out temporarily

Could it be that the studio saw the backlash from diehard fans and refused to risk losing a large chunk of their potential audience based on something that could easily be changed? Well, we just don’t know that yet. There’s plenty of room for speculation, but until someone steps forward to declare that said changes have been made, we’ll just have to keep guessing and hoping for the best. Sadly, regardless of whether or not these script changes are being made for the right reasons, this could actually be a bit of a bad thing, too. Whenever rewrites are done, they usually bring in more creative minds in an attempt to make things flow better. Unfortunately, this approach usually ends up producing somewhat flawed films, as you rarely find more than a few writers who have the same idea about where to go with a script.

That being said, there are still plenty of reasons to remain hopeful for the finished product. If nothing else, fans who were worried about the proposed origin changes can breathe a sigh of relief for the time being. The official release date has been moved back from December 2013 to May 16th, 2014, giving them plenty of time to work with the script and produce the best movie possible. Let’s just hope they don’t decide to scrap it all together, because I think I speak for most if not all TMNT fans in saying that I’d rather have something new than to have nothing at all.

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