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Mezco SDCC TMNT Reveals

by Kyle Tobey
Casey jones

Another SDCC is in the books, and we’re still recovering from the onslaught of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles news, releases, and exclusives.

Mezco came to impress with new reveals of announced TMNT figures, as well as a new teaser for a figure we weren’t expecting!

First up, we got our first look at the previously announced Mezco One:12 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Deluxe Box Set.

Image: The Fwoosh
Image: The Fwoosh

These are figures I’m so glad I preordered! The set looks like a mix of the original Mirage turtles and the current IDW run. They are a bit smaller than most other figures in the Mezco One:12 line, but the designs look like the shorter turtle designs. Each comes with the classic Mirage style TMNT font and colored individual base designated for each figure.

The box set comes with an onslaught of accessories with some being fabric when appropriate. The preorder is already sold, but you might luck out with a waitlist.

Next, Mezco unveiled their TMNT 5 Points figures.

Image: Toyark

These are straight out of the pages of Mirage, red bandanas and all! This is a much smaller sized line with limited poseability, but very reminiscent of action figures of the past. I love these figures and seeing them on display only made me more excited to get the set.

Finally, a new figure reveal for Mezco TMNT Casey Jones One:12!

This online SDCC reveal from Mezco really surprised me! I didn’t expect to see Casey get the full One:12 treatment but this single promo image reveals a ton.

Check out all the true fabric features. The denim vest, tshirt, sweatpants, and even his golf bag all look like they’re made from accurate materials for their full size counterparts. The mask and hair look spot on. It looks like he’ll come with plenty of weapons to fit in his golf bag as well.

What do you think? Did you pre-order this figure? Do you wish you had? Let us know your thoughts on the Mezco TMNT figures in the comments!

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