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UNBOXED! – First Quarterly TMNT BOX April 2019

by Kyle Tobey

The TMNT Box is changing it’s format a bit.

They raised their prices, ensuring more quality, and also made the switch from a monthly plan to quarterly. My first Quarterly TMNT Box finally arrived, so let’s check out what’s inside!

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Walkie-Talkies

This set of Walkie-Talkies is great for any adventurous kids in your life! The pair features Leonardo and Raphael with designs from the 2012 series. This is a great toy and a nice addition for the extra price point!

TMNT Topps Trading Card Packs

These were included with a previous box as well, but I don’t get tired of seeing them. They’re fun to open and take a trip through turtle history. Included were 3 packs of the 1990 Topps trading cards. The cards feature classic scenes from the original TMNT cartoon, numbered and detailed for easy collecting. Lucky for me, I have yet to receive any doubles! Maybe the best part though, the stale gum is still in tact. The stale, 29 year old gum.

Splinter Pin

The pins that get included are fun. It’s a fan design, but instantly recognizable as Splinter. He’s a bit more serious and not too flashy, so it’s a great highlight for a more subdued person.

TMNT Girl Power T-Shirt

After the last TMNT box featured an awesome shirt graphic with blueprints of a Donatello action figure, I was really hoping for a great shirt this time around. Unfortunately, I got this. I like that it’s on a black shirt, but I still hate the turtle designs. I’m all for unofficial shirts, but this makes it feel unofficial. I might just not be a fan of the artists style, but to each his own.

But what do you think of the new TMNT Box?! Are you happy with the new format? Would you shell out $29.99 each quarter for this? What do you want to see in future boxes?

Check out TMNTBox.com for more info and keep up to date with everything TMNT on our social media pages and websites.

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