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Comic Review: Shredder in Hell #2

Shredder in Hell #2

Art and Story by Mateus Santolouco

Released March 2019

Oroku Saki’s hellish journey continues. As his twisted path leads him deeper through the underworld, will he be able to survive an onslaught of demonic forces? Or, more importantly—the truth revealed about his own soul?!

After a beautiful and intriguing debut with Shredder In Hell #1, issue 2 picks up and continues to provide an entertaining and darkly alluring journey into the redemption of Oroku Saki. I mentioned previously how the title alone should grab the attention of any TMNT fan, and issue 2 starts off with something you’d never think you’d see in a TMNT comic. We’re given what might just be the most cerebral dissection of The Shredder from any medium. Delving into his past, his motivations, and his turmoil. I’d say this is the most personal we’ve ever seen Saki and it’s done so well that it’s almost hard to imagine him as that bumbling baddie back in 1987. But that’s the beauty of the medium.

Speaking of beauty, Mateus Santolouco (with colors by Marcelo Costa) continues to paint a unique yet familiar hellish world that brings fear and intrigue. The detail in some panels can be very intricate (I found myself staring at the ridges in Leonardo’s shell for a bit) to environments that seemed to be ripped out of the mind of Clive Barker. It continues to be one of the prettiest pickups when it comes to my monthly comic haul and I’m very eager to see where else Santolouco takes us in this limited series.

Overall, Shredder in Hell #2 doesn’t disappoint as it once again drags you to Hell for a grim yet hopeful ride into the mind of the Turtle’s greatest foe. Issue 2 didn’t end on quite the “Oh man!” moment like the previous one, but the story provides more than enough to make you want to stick with this series until Hell freezes over.

Shredder in Hell Issue 2 is available wherever comics are sold!


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Chris M. P.

Chris M. P.

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