“Batman vs Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles” Trailer and Breakdown

Entertainment Weekly exclusively released the first trailer for the animated crossover “Batman vs Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.” Head over to their website to check it out!

While we can’t show the full trailer, we can do a deep dive in what was shown!

The trailer opens with a great version of the Foot Soldiers. The neon green eyes are a nice touch and the eyes remind me a bit of Spider-Man. They attack someone who, I think, is Barbara Gordon. Aka- Batgirl.

I think Barbara will work as the peacekeeper between the turtles and Batman. As with every crossover anything ever, at first the TMNT and Batman don’t see eye to eye. Batman warns about them coming in to his Gotham, and the turtles might think he has supernatural powers?

I also looks like we’ll get some fights we didn’t know we always wanted. Batman takes on the Shredder, but also takes on all four turtles at once! We get a quick chance to hear some of the new voices for the series as well. Troy Baker makes a great Batman and nails Joker’s laugh. Kyle Mooney’s (SNL) doing Michelangelo sounds spot on. Making the choice to white out the turtles eyes completely in this version makes the styles sync up perfectly.


I love how they designed the turtles as well. Each one varies, but only slightly. The shape of their heads and bodies is almost a mix between the 2012 series and “Hellboy.” Making the mask one show with only a shadow is a great touch that, again, feels like it comes from Gotham City.

Batman’s rogues gallery looks typical of Warner Brothers animated movies. It fits right in with much of Bruce Timm’s artwork. We might see what happens when the Joker and Harley Quinn are infected by the TCRI ooze.

Ra’s Al Ghul teaming with the Shredder is a terrifying notion. Everything about the crossover event makes sense. While some crossover’s are a clear money grab, this one feels natural.

OH SNAP! This shot of the motorcycles is awesome and why does Raph’s look like the color scheme for Metalhead?

Also, I missed Baxter Stockman my first view. I think this is my favorite version of Baxter. WHY IS HE STILL WEARING GLASSES?!

I keep seeing that the movie is inspired by the comic. I don’t know if that means the story will follow the first volume exactly, but I’m sure it will be similar. And if it does, there are soon to be 2 more volumes, ready to be made into sequels.

The entire trailer is worth it, just to hear Batman say “Ninja Turtles.”

Batman vs Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles is coming to Digital and Blu Ray in late Spring 2019.







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