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NECA Teases Leonardo Figure From 90’s TMNT Movie

It looks like NECA can’t wait to release all of their 90’s TMNT movie figures! Just last month they were giving us a taste of their Michelangelo figure, and now they’re sharing a closer look at Leonardo. We’ve known what all four figures will look like for quite some time, but these teasers represent some of the closest and most detailed images we have seen thus far. Although the Donatello collectible has already begun shipping, it’ll probably take at least 6 months for the last three turtles to be released on the market.

With that in mind, it’s nice to see these little reminders about the awesome work that NECA has been doing. Needless to say, Leo fits in perfectly right next to Donnie and Raphael. I’m not sure why Mikey didn’t make an appearance in this picture, but at least we’ve got three of our heroes in a half shell on display. If you want all four of them, you might want to consider picking up the Donatello figure while it’s still available. At a price of roughly $100 per figure, these may be some of the most fairly priced and highly detailed collectibles that NECA has ever created.

Our first look at all four turtles came when NECA revealed them during SDCC 2016. Image Source: NECA.
Our first look at all four turtles came when NECA revealed them during SDCC 2016. Image Source: NECA.

The next 90’s TMNT movie figure slated for release will be Raphael, and it is expected to hit the market sometime in February. It’s likely that we will see Michelangelo follow suit shortly after, and the set will be completed when Leonardo is released. Unfortunately, we don’t know much about when Mikey or Leo will begin to ship, but at least NECA is staying on track with these teaser images! As always, we’ll keep you posted whenever we learn any new details about these awesome TMNT collectibles.

Are you looking forward to completing this 90’s TMNT Movie set, or do you just want NECA’s Leonardo figure? Will you be buying this collectible when it is released? Share your thoughts and plans either in the comments below or on Facebook/Twitter.

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