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TMNT Kawaii Cubes: Cutest Plush Toys On Earth

by TurtlesAdmin

You wouldn’t think plush dolls can continue to melt hearts after years of production. but in recent months, Wish Holdings created Kawaii Cubes. This series of licensed characters produced in heart melting plush doll cubes are perfect for decoration. I literally hugged these cubes once they entered my arms! Over the years, plush dolls have come in every imaginable shape, color, and size. Who would of thought your favorite character re-imagined as a cube would be cute? Apparently the design team at Kawaii Cubes did, kudos!!

The new stackable Kawaii Cubes comes in different sizes, in conclusion allowing you to create an adorable combination. They are designed with tiny arms and legs, consequently making them perfect for the edge of a shelf. Each character has their own unique facial expression. For example: Raphael has angry eyes with grinding teeth, Michelangelo has anime closed eyes with a happy smile, Donatello has wide observant eyes with a semi smile, and Leonardo has serious eyes with a grave mouth. These designs are not specific to any television series or movie, they’re simply just adorable.

Price details:

Kawaii Cubes are designed perfectly. All contain plastic beads for added weight, therefore allowing them to stack perfectly. The little size cube is 2″ and retails for $4.99. Larger size is 3.5″ and retails for $7.99.  You can find them in Walmart and Target stores, they are not being sold online yet. Kawaii Cubes are oficially licensed by Nickelodeon.

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