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Ninja Turtles Amusement Park Rides Coming to New Jersey

Viacom has been working with the company Triple Five for several years in order to bring their licensed characters to life on awesome amusement park rides. One of their most recent projects came in the form of Shredder’s Mutant Masher, which can be found at Nickelodeon Universe in the Mall of America. Unfortunately, it’s not exactly easy for everyone to visit this location, so a lot of fans have been unable to experience this attraction. Thankfully, Triple Five and Viacom have decided to expand their efforts to other parts of the country.

It was recently announced that both companies would be working together to bring both TMNT and Spongebob themed amusement park rides to the American Dream project in New Jersey. Located right next to the Izod center, American Dream Meadowlands has already secured deals to include Dreamworks themed rides as well. Although there isn’t currently any information about exactly what the new TMNT rides will look like, it’s nice to see that the turtles are getting so much love. Sarah Levy, COO of Viacom Kids and Family Group, explained that this addition would be a proper expansion of Nickelodeon Universe.

“We’re looking forward to this next step in our partnership with Triple Five that will further expand our recreation portfolio with the brand-new Nickelodeon Universe at American Dream. The Nickelodeon Universe at American Dream will give kids and families in the New York metro area the opportunity to interact with their favorite characters like SpongeBob and the Turtles on a grand scale, through rides, attractions and Nick-themed party and event spaces.”

The new location of another Nickelodeon Universe, which will feature both Spongebob and Ninja Turtles amusement park rides. Image Source: New Jersey Spotlight.
The new location of another Nickelodeon Universe, which will feature both Spongebob and Ninja Turtles amusement park rides. Image Source: New Jersey Spotlight.

If they’re bringing Nickelodeon Universe to New Jersey, there’s a chance that they might continue to expand to other markets in the future. Of course, the odds aren’t necessarily in our favor, but it’s still cool to know that these indoor amusement parks are becoming more readily available to a larger audience. Considering that the turtles live in New York, it’s nice to see that these rides will be close enough for NYC residents to enjoy. There isn’t any indication that we’ll be seeing different rides, but if we hear anything else about their plans for this expansion in the next few years, we’ll be sure to let you know.

Are you excited about this expansion of Nickelodeon Universe? Does the idea of Ninja Turtles Amusement Park rides make you want to say “cowabunga”? Share your thoughts and feelings about these plans in the comments section or via facebook/twitter!

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