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TMNT Comic Review: Issue #55

by Ian Gaudreau

We’ve made it to our latest monthly issue: TMNT COMIC REVIEW ISSUE 55. Let’s break down what we saw:


Writer’s Note: Spoilers Ahead

At the end of TMNT #54, we say goodbye to Slash and learn Michelangelo plans to return to his family, even though he still has reservations about their association with the Foot Clan. We first see Michelangelo returning to the ruined Turtle Lair, which is still in shambles from the chaos leading up to TMNT #50. We see a sad series of panels of Mikey reminiscing of the positive memories he has of his brothers.

We then flash to Alopex and Angel (wearing the Nobody suit). Alopex is clearly struggling with Kitsune’s spell. She still does not fully understand what is going on in her head, but it is likely leading to something big. The two are essentially on a reconnaissance mission gaining intelligence on some Street Phantoms. Harold wants to learn more about the phasing technology the Street Phantoms use, so Alopex engages into battle while Angel stays back to film the action so Harold can learn more. Alopex comes out of the battle a bit bruised up, and sensing something is wrong, Angel insists Alopex goes back to get some rest.

In our next scene, we see Casey and April out at a restaurant with April’s parents. Casey is clearly in a bad mood and it feels like Casey is about to blow.

We flash back to Alopex bringing tea to Kitsune back at the base. Kitsune begins to use her mind control over Alopex, who strongly fights back. However, Kitsune’s powers prove to be too powerful, and we see a glimpse at Alopex’s vulnerabilities. Kitsune gains clear control over Alopex and when the confrontation is over, Alopex seems to have no memory of their interaction. Fortunately, Splinter is standing off to the distance watching the encounter, and now has an idea of what is going on.

Driving home from the restaurant, Casey and April continue to argue. It seems that the messages the Rat King gave Casey during the Casey & April miniseries have really been tearing Casey up inside. The overall theme of the educated April vs. uneducated Casey still lingers, and the two eventually end with putting their relationship on a “break” on a very sour note. To be honest, this was the only part of the issue that did not work incredibly well for me. The Casey and April demise has felt like it has been going on for months. With such little snippets, it is tough to feel really attached to them like we once were. Dialynas is a great artist, but for me, his real specialty lies in the mutant drawings. For me, Casey and April look more different in this issue than any other, which I found distracting to the overall story.

We see a quick, yet important page of Harold having an important virtual conversation with Fugitoid. It looks like the two or scheming something big in relation to Burnow Island. Fugitoid’s “mutant friend” is involved, who is presumably Leatherhead. It is unclear what is exactly going on, but what we do know is that (1) the Turtles are also involved and (2) Harold will be staying back to work on the Street Phantom issue.

Finally, we flash back to Michelangelo, who is still poking around the lair. In a heartwarming peace offering, Leonardo, Raphael, and Donatello appear with a pizza to share. Donatello explains that there is an upcoming trip to Burnow Island and they would like Michelangelo to join. Smiling and happy, they dive into the pizza, a family restored.

This was a really awesome issue. Besides the lingering Casey and April portion mentioned earlier, Dialynas is a wonderful artist. The page where Kitsune taps into Alopex’s mind is honestly a piece of art for the TMNT history books. Tom Waltz and the rest of the writing gang have been clearly working to build another massive storyline. Between the Street Phantoms, Burnow Island, and Kitsune, we have three major unresolved conflicts in the story. Issue #55 did a perfect job tying loose ends together to explain where the series is heading. Next issue marks the return of artist, Mateus Santolouco, and the Ninja Notes hint that Sophie Campbell will be involved in something in the near future.

Finally, the TMNT creative team is requesting more post-issue Ninja Notes! You can write in your thoughts, questions, etc. to [email protected].

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