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Mutants in Manhattan Screenshots Hit the Web

Would you believe that we still haven’t seen an official announcement for this title? It’s been a few weeks since it was discovered that Mutants in Manhattan was submitted for ratings approval in Australia, and since then we’ve seen artwork related to the game and learned more about it from the list of Xbox Live achievements.

To put things into perspective, these are details that you typically learn about and discover after a title has been announced. Well, if you weren’t convinced before, here are a few screenshots of the game that hasn’t been announced yet!


This is definitely a crazy situation, but at least the game (that totally isn’t being developed) looks like it could be absolutely incredible. Following in the footsteps of Transformers: Devastation, Platinum Games appears to have chosen a cel shaded graphics style for this title. If their Transformers game is any indication, chances are that this game is going to pay homage to the franchise in a lot of important ways.

Heck, just based on the information we have learned from the achievements, we know that the game will feature a lot of notable characters that we haven’t seen in many TMNT games as of late. In these screenshots alone, we already see at least one notable character in Bebop, and he’s looking pretty good.


The previously mentioned achievements included suggestions about the type of game we could expect from Mutants in Manhattan which can be seen in these screenshots. For instance, one achievement revealed that there would be an Elevator level, which is suggestive of a beat ’em up style of game. These screenshots reveal that we probably aren’t going to get a side scrolling TMNT game, but it is most definitely a beat ’em up title.


With all of the information we have discovered about Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Mutants in Manhattan, I have to say that I am extremely hyped about the potential release of this game. Oh, and if we’re already seeing screenshots, it probably won’t be too much longer before they both announce and release this game.


What do you think? Have these screenshots made you a little more excited for this game that totally isn’t coming out? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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